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What Are Loc Maps?

NPCs (from enabled zones) now have "(Show On Map)" links next to their location. When you hover your mouse over this link, you will be shown a map of the zone, and the NPC will have a red "X" marking their location on that map. If the NPC has multiple possible locations, the map will display an X at every possible one.

Which Zones Have Loc Maps

All of the zones in this category (ie. in the list at the bottom) have loc maps. This includes every zone on Odus(!), and every city except:

  • Erudin: the main zone (both the harbor and main map for it) have been added, but the palace map ... which is actually three separate maps (all of which need to be done separate; ugh) is still needed

The following zones don't have maps with accurate locs, and so are off limits for the project (until we can find better maps):

Adding Loc Maps

See Adding a Loc Map.

Zones With Multiple Maps

Some zones have multiple maps, either as separate image files, or sometimes even on the same image file. It's possible for the wiki to show NPCs on both maps, if an intrepid wiki editor has added them.

For instance, Greater Faydark has its own map, and a map for the city of Kelethin. All NPCs within the boundaries of Kelethin (eg. Innkeep Wuleran) will be shown on the Kelethin map. NPCs outside the city (eg. Faelin Bloodbriar), will appear on the main zone map.


There are 122 zone pages in this wiki. Not every one has maps with accurate locs (some don't even have maps at all), but the ultimate goal is to get every zone with accurate locs mapped.

Is there a particular zone you'd like to have mapped? Add them to the list of desired zones:

Desired Zones

  • Add your desired zone here!
  • Unrest Only the ground floor has been mapped. The other levels need mapping, but before that can happen someone needs to add loc lines to the map; it doesn't currently have them.
  • Tower of Frozen Shadow Only the first two floors have been loc-mapped.
  • Permafrost The main area has been loc-mapped, but the lower right sub-section has not been.
  • Cobalt Scar
  • Mistmoore Castle
  • Velketor's Labyrinth</s> Does this need a new map?
  • Neriak Foreign Quarters the bottom left portion is at wrong angle. Need new cartographer to create improved map.

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