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FashionQuest Guide

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Welcome to the FashionQuest guide. "FashionQuest" in EverQuest refers to the practice of choosing a character's equipment based on its appearance rather than (just) on its stats. Because EverQuest has so many different items, and because there's no way to know how those items will look unless you see another member of your gender/race wearing them, this can be difficult. Luckily the wiki has resources to help.

Fashion Categories

Every visible item in this wiki has 1-2 fashion categories. Visible items are items for the head, arms, wrist, chest, legs, and feet slots. An item always has an "appearance" category, and items with a colored tint also have a "tint" category.

For example, the famous Fungus Covered Scale Tunic has a colored tint, and so has two categories: Category:Fashion: Kunark Chain and Category:Fashion: Periwinkle Gray. Any other chest-slot item that has both of those categories will look identical to a Fungus Covered Scale Tunic (although in this particular case it turns out that the Fungus Covered Scale Tunic is the only item in the game with a Category:Fashion: Periwinkle Gray tint).

Multi-Category Search

The problem with the fashion categories is that they don't let you see the overlap between categories. For instance, let's say that you are a Wizard and you see someone wearing an Illusionist's Robe. You like the color of it, but it's Enchanter-only, so you go to the (Category:Fashion: Bahama Blue) page (since the robe has a tint of Bahama Blue). But when you get there, you see items for all classes, not just Wizards, and for other slots besides the chest slot.

The solution to this problem is to use the Special:MultiCategorySearch. If you go to that page and search for the following:

you will find that there is exactly one item you can wear with that tint: the Robe of Inspiration.


It's important to notice that the above search we doesn't include "Category:", and capitalizes each category correctly (because the search tool won't work otherwise). If you accidentally search for even one mis-cased category, eg.:

the wiki will inform you that no pages are found ... even though there are Chest/Wizard Equipment items in the Bahama Blue category.

List of fashion categories



Color Tints

Adding "Fashion Show" Entries to the Wiki

To add a screenshot demonstrating a particular fashion category edit that category page and use the Template:FashionShow template code (see page for instructions).

Happy FashionQuesting!