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Helm of the Tracker Quest

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Tunarean Earthmelder
Start Zone: Plane of Growth
Quest Giver: Tunarean Earthmelder
Minimum Level: 46
Classes: Ranger
Related Zones: Kael Drakkel, The Wakening Land
Related NPCs: Frostgiant Overseer, Kallis Stormcaller, protector of Zek


  • Helm of the Tracker
    Helm of the Tracker
    Item 550.png

    Slot: HEAD
    AC: 20
    STR: +12 STA: +12
    SV FIRE: +15 SV COLD: +15
    Effect: Truesight (Worn)
    WT: 3.7 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: RNG
    Race: HUM ELF HEF
    Deity: Tunare


Real True Notes: You can complete the quest and acquire this helm at level 46, due to the minimum level requirement to enter the Plane of Growth. A faction level of at least Indifferent is sufficient for the turn in. While the Growth quest items have specific race/class/diety requirements to equip them, there are no race/class/diety requirements for anyone doing the turn ins, MQ or otherwise; multiple MQs confirmed on a halfling rogue worshiping Bristlebane.

You say, 'Hail, Tunarean Earthmelder'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'Hail my friend, unfortunately I am sorry I cannot talk right now. The giants must be dealt with.'

You say, 'What giants?'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'The giants are continuing to put forth efforts to encroach the lands blessed by Tunare. We need an outrider or preserver to aid us in our continued fight.'

You say, 'I am an outrider.'

He then asks you to kill the Frostgiant Overseer, who spawns in front of Kael in the Wakening Lands. When you kill him, he says something about a giant named Kallis.

Kallis spawns in the arena nearby the Vindicator. There are also two Protectors of Zek with him (you need the protectors whose names are capitalized).

Kill all three and collect their heads. The heads are named:

Bring all four heads back for your Helm of the Tracker.