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Hmotzart's Hmasterpiece of Hmass AoE Hmurder

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It took me 50+ deaths in WC to teach myself this and figure out all the settings i needed.. I die ALOT when moving to a new zone, testing out each mob so i can figure out what I want to pull and what I want to LEAVE THE HELL ALONE. THIS IS NOT easy mode plvling and most people think bards are easy THEY ARE NOT. It is live or die out there and most the time it is DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE live YAY I got my exp back.

Ok this is the whole strat... This only works if you drive with QWES keys and have a steady hand for mouse steering. You can start this @ lvl 2 with no speed enhancement at all. You will just have to do HUGE circles... You will have to adjust the speed at witch you turn your toon with the mouse the faster you become. The slower you go the bigger the circle. I myself DiD the Jboots quest so I can triple dot the mobs and not have to go mach 2 in circles.

1. Movement

Mouse steering and strafe. Let me explain, we all know when playing a non bard non sow class most mobs can be outrun by running diagonal. Not all mobs but some mobs. NOT GIANTS or any larger creatures but I add this into the kite just in case. It does not always help and if u get hit at higher lvls you usually DIE.

So this is how it goes.

Push forward and hold your mouse button down that lets you mouse steer. Mine is the right mouse button lets me steer with mouse.. You are now mouse driving! YAY

If you intend on turning left with your mouse you'll want to push and hold forward & right while holding the steering mouse button the whole time, so place your DOT hotkeys on 1 and 2 so your ring finger will be free to hit them.

If you intend on turning right with your mouse you'll want to push and hold forward & left while holding the steering mouse button the whole time, so place your DOT hotkeys on 3 and 4 so you can hit them with your pointer finger will be free to hit them.

So lets recap this just incase.. Left turn YOU PUSH AND HOLD forward, right and steering mouse button.. THE WHOLE TIME! Right turn YOU PUSH AND HOLD forward , left and steering mouse button THE WHOLE TIME!

You Might have to adjust your mouse's sensitivity (mine is @ max) I do not suggest this until you get used to this method. You WILL be picking up your mouse a lot to move it so you can keep pulling the circle. Its trial and FAIL don't worry you'll get it. Remember 50+ deaths for me to teach myself this. I always pick up and move my mouse immediately after the dot hits WHILE HOLDING THE 3 BUTTONS forward, right and mousebutton,so i run a little diagonal at that point before I come in for the turn again.

I use the mouse because u never know with the UI lag how much of a turn you get from taping the turn keys. But with a mouse (its crazy I know) you will start to feel it.

2. Your view

You will be a little blind but use the standard view when kiting but scroll all the way out. You MUST clear out the bottom corners of your screen either the right bottom or left bottom corner depending on what way you turn. I myself just fade my chat boxes all the way out.

This is for range of the song. When circling you will not be able to see the mobs! So the trick is to turn until you barley see the mob (if turning right, right bottom corner of screen. When turning left, left bottom corner of screen) They are close enough to be doted with the lvl 2 song. You will be able to time this the more practice you get. TRICK start circling in big circles then tighten them down slow . You can even circle without any speed enhancement what so ever (if you don't mind 3 mile wide circles)

EDIT TRICK: If you have seen me out and about you'll notice usually I have 3 of my dead bodies in a triangle on the ground.. I use this for circle reference on how close I can circle before I get hit.. You can also Use bushes, ground change lines, sides of buildings and a unlooted bodie anything on the ground you can watch and Know your circling perfect.

3. Hot key macros

Hit your EQ button go to actions hit your action window it will bring up a box and then u must select the social tab on the far right.. these are your editable macro buttons. Go to page 2 and start this proses.

Yes they are the standard 2 song twist macros. I always put Selo's on the second song of any kite macro I build so I am always safe with speed at the end of the macro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOT Macro looks like this

/cast 1
/pause 28
/cast 8

I ALWAYS put my biggest aoe dot on the top of my spell gems and selos on the bottom.. NEVER change the spell gems around or the macros will not work.

Selos macro looks like this.

/cast 8

This is for when you miss a note aka fizzel on selos and need to hit it again. Remember your audio trigger will let you know when the first part of the macro or the second part of the macro fails. If the first part fails and you hear your audio trigger , be patient and let Selos hit you before you tap the dot macro again!!!!! If the second part fails hit your selos macro asap. If you hear your selos wear off with the "You slow down" audio trigger RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE OR DIE!

Pause macros are funny creatures, they will lock you into that macro and you will not be able to use any other action untill it is complete so do not freak out. Keep running and you will be safe.

I Have a lot more kite macros that i use such as a heal, DD, direct dot, just about anything.. The key to a kite macro is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put selos on the second cast for your protection. NOTE The macro only has to be hit once. it will twist the 2 songs perfectly for you. Unless a song fails then you just wait for the selos to be sung and keep up the kite. I use the pause 28 cause it accounts for this servers UI lag.. If your songs are not twisting raise the number by 1 each time until they twist and if u think u have no lag u can go to the pause 26 BUT WARNING NOW the second your ui hits any lag these macros WILL NOT WORK! so be safe and use 28 as your pause.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT EVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER EVER FOR ANY REASON USE MACROS IN GROUP SETTINGS OR YOU FAIL AND MIGHT AS WELL DELETE THE BARD NAO! single tap single song macros do work for groups and I use them a lot but the twist macros are JUNK!

4. What to wield and when to wield it?

I personally use my drum for the pulling of the swarm. Then i use my Brass for the dot i use now.

CoD. lvl 2: song- Strings DdD. lvl 18:song- Brass horn Selos CoC. lvl 48: song- Strings

Make a hot key for your weapons bag and a hot key for your main hand and offhand slots. Easy enough to change weps in and out.

5. Be paitent.

You will die! You will take a long time to heal if u get hit and have to run around with regen going. Just know this. Patience is a virtue please let it be one of the virtues you have while being a bard. You will be killing a ton of mobs who cares how fast you do it when you have 100 in your pack.

6. Don't screw yourself with your skills.

If you do this all the way to lvl 60 you'll be horrid melee dps and no one will like to group with you so take the time out to fear kite and group to skill up. DON'T BE A LAMER! If you have no skills in melee you must lvl it up and if you don't stop every 5 lvls or so to go melee then it will take YEARS @ lvl 60 cause u have to have a hit for a skill up so imagine a lvl 1 trying to hit a raid boss.. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

7. Be kind, Be courteous, Invite strangers who are soloing for a huge swarm and bump their exp, Offer groups to swarm for them while they single kill, Let the zone know you do not mind if someone pulls a mob out of your pack.

The real Hmotzart died Friday May6th 2011. Goodday, goodbye and goodluck.

IM BACK! march 2012 PST me ingame or MSG me on the forums if you need any help.