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Kittens Who Say Meow (Guild)

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Meow! Kittens Who Say Meow (Guild ID: 531) is a guild of kitten-loving individuals on the Project 1999 blue server who are seeking to foster a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere marked by friendship and random acts of kindness toward all. In addition, members of Kittens Who Say Meow engage in cooperation for the betterment of its members both in groups and raids in a casual manner. Members are never obligated to participate in guild events and are not penalized for any lack of participation. Indeed, Kittens Who Say Meow seeks to be a safe-haven for strays of all types so long as they meet its high standards of integrity, honesty, kindness, decency and good-naturedness. Kittens Who Say Meow is at its heart an inclusive and non-discriminating entity, and endeavors to build partnerships and goodwill throughout the server.

You can find more information out on the following P99 message board page: [1].


  • Guild Leader - Vermax
  • Guild Officers - Xyram, Apathe, Purpyl, Spacepope, Shyye, Gnomad, Zumbutu, Lynen, Flowerr, Bageljuice, Dainae, Jutebox, Gnomad, Neya


We have a public Discord, Kittens Friends Discord, that is open to all. Anyone is welcome for grouping or general socializing as long as they are level 15+. For raiding you will need to be 46+ for some raids and 55+ for others. It is the main way to apply to Kittens Who Say Meow through an application with only a few questions. Once your application is approved, you will need to reach out to a guild officer for an invite. Once you receive an invite you will also be invited to our main guild's Discord system, which we frequently use to chat outside of the game.

See guild launch page for more info: [2]

Feel free to check out Kittens Friends Discord available to all: [3]

Informal Member Tiers

Casual Kitten

A casual kitten is of any level 15+ and just wants to be a part of the litter. This is the default guild member who might raid in the future. Kittens love to group with each other and do any random kind of things for entertainment. 10/10 best kitten.

Community Raid Kitten

Community raiding kittens are likely to attend our raids open to all kittens of appropriate levels. For most of the casual content, this will be 46+ areas. There are some events that will require 55+, but sometimes the events will allow for 46-54 to come depending on the need for numbers. Good examples of 46+ raids are Plane of Hate, Plane of Fear, or Epic fights. Pretty much everything harder than this is considered 55+ for all classes except 52+ for Clerics. Some of these encounters may require DKP to be spent for loot, but others might just be random rolls. Discord is highly recommended for most encounters and required for some. 10/10 also best kitten.

Feral Raid Kitten

Feral raiding kittens are a core raiding group that has higher requirements to be able to qualify. Feral raiders will be required to always have WC port caps, high MR/FR/CR, OT hammers, potions, and more. In addition to this, each character qualified for Feral will need to be 58+ for all classes except 55+ for Clerics. Generally, this group of kittens will likely hit targets that require a very quick turn-around time after a tracked pop and efficiently eliminate the raid target. There is a special DKP rule system for feral-based raid encounters. Discord is required for coordination at all times. 10/10 also the best kitten.

Raid Loot

Kittens Who Say Meow runs off of a modified DKP system. In general, the more raid encounters you attend, the more DKP you get, the more DKP you have the more loot you can bid on. You are allowed 2 main characters, 1 Flex character for Naggy/Vox and similar encounters, and any number of Alts. Any drops that are not bid on go to a greed roll.