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* You can see my other Toons by clicking there names below.
* You can see my other Toons by clicking there names below.
#  [[Magelo Blue:Bardter]] 12 [[Bard]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Bardter]] 12 [[Bard]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Cinister]] 2 [[Shadowknight]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Hastin]] 52 [[enchanter]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Hastin]] 52 [[enchanter]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Lendarie]] 12 [[Shaman]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Lendarie]] 12 [[Shaman]]

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< Dawn
Believers >
59 Monk
Human - Quellious
WEIGHT 0 / 90


[edit] Extra

================== This is my toon ====================

  • You can see my other Toons by clicking there names below.
  1. Magelo Blue:Bardter 12 Bard
  2. Magelo Blue:Cinister 2 Shadowknight
  3. Magelo Blue:Hastin 52 enchanter
  4. Magelo Blue:Lendarie 12 Shaman
  5. Magelo Blue:Merleana 25 Magician
  6. Magelo Blue:Ringjumper 49 Druid
  7. Magelo Blue:Skelnec 53 Necromancer
  8. Magelo Blue:Xattin 51 Paladin

================== This is my Epic Progression ====================

Short Walkthrough/Checklist
Checkbox.png Robe of the Lost Circle sub-quest
( ) Obtain Purple Headband via quests.
( ) Obtain Red Sash of Order via quests.
( ) Kill Targin the Rock in Nagafen's Lair King room to get Code of Zan Fi.
( ) Kill Raster of Guk in Lower Guk to get The Idol. It should be noted you CANNOT MQ the idol and sash to Brother Zephyl.
( ) Turn in Purple Headband and Code of Zan Fi to Brother Qwinn in Southern Karana to get Needle of the Void.
( ) Turn in Red Sash of Order and The Idol to Brother Zephyl in Rathe Mountains to get Rare Robe Pattern.
( ) Combine Shadow Wolf Pelt, Silk Swatch, and Spell: Gather Shadows in sewing kit to make Shadow Silk (Tailoring 36).
( ) Combine Shadow Silk, Needle of the Void, Rare Robe Pattern, and Song: Jonthan's Whistling Warsong in a sewing kit to make Robe of the Lost Circle (no skill check).
Checkbox.png Robe of the Whistling Fists sub-quest
( ) Kill an iksar betrayer in Chardok and loot A Metal Pipe (Fi).
(X) Kill a drolvarg pawbuster in Karnor's Castle and loot A Metal Pipe (Zan).
( ) Turn in the two pipes and Robe of the Lost Circle to Brother Balatin (must not be aggro'd, or first charmed) in Dreadlands to receive Robe of the Whistling Fists.
Checkbox.png First Book
( ) Get an Immortals book from any named mob in Skyfire.
( ) Turn in Immortals to Tomekeeper Danl in the Erudin library for Danl's Reference. Do not turn in while Feigned Death. Danl will eat your turn in.
( ) Save this until the final turn in so you may keep your robe longer.
( ) Find Lheao in the hidden cove in Timorous Deep. Turn in Danl's Reference and Robe of the Whistling Fists to get Celestial Fists (book).
Checkbox.png Fist of Fire
( ) Find a fire sprite in Lavastorm Mountains and say "I challenge Eejag" to spawn Eejag. Kill Eejag and loot Charred Scale.
( ) OPTIONAL Take the scale back to sane Kaiaren in Trakanon's Teeth. He will give the scale back and quest lore text.
Checkbox.png Fist of Air
( ) Go to Dojorn's Island (Isle 1.5) in Plane of Sky. Hand Scale to a presence to spawn Gwan. Kill Gwan and loot Breath of Gwan.
Checkbox.png Fist of Earth
( ) Hand Breath of Gwan in to a sleeping ogre in Mines of Nurga to spawn Trunt. Kill Trunt and loot Trunt's Head (Note: a sleeping ogre must con indifferently, use sneak from behind to turn in).
Checkbox.png Fist of Water
( ) OPTIONAL Find dark elf named Deep in underwater caverns of Lake Rathetear and turn in the Head. She will give it back then despawn.
( ) Go to Overthere and locate a monk named Astral Projection (Overthere). Hand him Trunt's Head and receive Eye of Kaiaren.
( ) In Lake of Ill Omen (It's not on the platform, but on the shore, loc neg 1900 neg 950), give an Astral Projection (LOIO) the Eye of Kaiaren to spawn Vorash and Deep. Once both (False. As 2014, on p99, it's enough Vorash dies) mobs die, Xenevorash will spawn. Kill Xenevorash and loot Demon Fangs.
Checkbox.png Book Conversion (Dealing with Kaiaren)

SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT: If you are doing/receiving an MQ or you do not have your Demon Fangs in hand and ready, do NOT turn in Celestial Fists (book) to Sane Kaiaran and receive Book of Celestial Fists because Sane Kaiaren will despawn within 30 minutes (confirmed 9/30/17). If you lose Celestial Fists (book) you can no longer spawn Sane Kaiaren for the final epic turn in and will have to either 1) wait for another monk to spawn Sane Kaiaren or 2) petition for reimbursement and wait a month or more for Sirken's response.

( ) Give Celestial Fists (book) to mad Kaiaren at the ruins near Sebilis in Trakanon's Teeth and he hands you back the book, then he punches you in the face - you can either kill him or feign off the aggro.
( ) Go to sane Kaiaren, who spawns over by the lake in TT (p305, p2470 in an empty hut) after you hand in Celestial Fists (book) to mad Kaiaren.
( ) Hand Celestial Fists (book) to sane Kaiaren and he hands you back a slightly different book called Book of Celestial Fists.
Checkbox.png Final Turn-in
( ) Turn in the modified Book of Celestial Fists and Demon Fangs to sane Kaiaren to receive the monk epic, Celestial Fists.

IMPORTANT: Turning your final pieces in to mad Kaiaren instead of sane Kaiaren will cause your items to be lost.

================== These are Monk Disciplines ====================

[edit] Disciplines

See also: Disciplines

  • Disciplines all run off the same timer currently. They were not changed to separate timers until many expansions later on live. What this means is if you use Stonestance Discipline (12 min timer), all Disciplines will be unavailable until that 12 minutes are up.
Discipline Name Level Obtained Description Duration Reuse Time
Resistant Discipline 30 Grants +3 to all Resistances increasing to +10 at 50th level 1 Min 60 Min
Fearless Discipline 40 Immunity to "Fear" and all spells that cause "fear" 11 Sec 60 Min
Stonestance Discipline 51 Joins your body with the strength of the earth, causing you to take greatly decreased melee damage. [60% reduction] Use this skill routinely while tanking or pulling. 12 Sec 12 Min
Thunderkick Discipline 52 Focuses energy into your feet, allowing you to perform an especially powerful Flying Kick. Next Flying Kick 9 Min
Whirlwind Discipline 53 Heightens your combat instincts, allowing you to Riposte every attack made on you from the front. Use this skill in dire situations while tanking. 9 Sec 60 Min
Voiddance Discipline 54 Focuses your combat reflexes, allowing you to avoid all melee attacks made on you from any angle. Use this skill in dire situations while pulling or escaping. 8 Sec 55 Min
Inner Flame Discipline 56 Fills your body with energy, causing your attacks to do greatly improved damage. [100% increase] Use this skill in dire situations while DPSing. 12 Sec 30 Min
Hundred Fists Discipline 57 Increases your hands speed, allowing you an increased attack rate and damage. Never use this skill, use the superior Inner Flame instead. 15 Sec 30 Min
Silentfist Discipline 59 Focuses your rage into your hands, allowing you to perform an especially powerful Dragon Punch. Next Dragon Punch 9 Min
Ashenhand Discipline 60 Focuses energy into your hands, allowing you to perform an especially powerful Eagle Strike. Next Eagle Strike 72 Min