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* '''''You can see my other Toons by clicking there names below.'''''
* '''''You can see my other Toons by clicking there names below.'''''
#  [[Magelo Blue:Bardter]] 12 [[Bard]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Bardter]] 12 [[Bard]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Cinister]] 2 [[Shadowknight]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Hastin]] 52 [[Enchanter]]  
#  [[Magelo Blue:Hastin]] 52 [[Enchanter]]  
#  [[Magelo Blue:Layen]] 59 [[Monk]]
#  [[Magelo Blue:Layen]] 59 [[Monk]]

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< None
12 Shaman
Barbarian - The Tribunal
WEIGHT 0 / 103


[edit] Extra

================== This is my toon ====================

In EC Outside Tunnel
  • You can see my other Toons by clicking there names below.
  1. Magelo Blue:Bardter 12 Bard
  2. Magelo Blue:Cinister 2 Shadowknight
  3. Magelo Blue:Hastin 52 Enchanter
  4. Magelo Blue:Layen 59 Monk
  5. Magelo Blue:Merleana 25 Magician
  6. Magelo Blue:Ringjumper 49 Druid
  7. Magelo Blue:Skelnec 53 Necromancer
  8. Magelo Blue:Xattin 51 Paladin

================== This the Spells I need ====================

[edit] Spells

[edit] Level 9

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Spirit Sight See invisible   Div. Vendor 20

[edit] Level 14

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Bind Affinity Set a New Home Point for Target   Alt. Vendor 100
Burst of Strength Target short duration battle buff   Abj. Vendor 15
Disempower Single Target Melee Debuff   Alt. Vendor 45
Endure Poison Increase Poison Resistance   Abj. Vendor 20
Enduring Breath Breathe underwater   Alt. Vendor 35
Invisibility versus Animals Target becomes invisible to Animals   Div. Vendor 30
Levitate Single Target Levitation Buff   Alt. Vendor 30
Root Hold your target in one spot   Alt. Vendor 30
Spirit of Snake Increase Charisma   Alt. Vendor 40
Spirit Strike Cold Based Attack Spell (DD 74)   Evo. Vendor 75
Turtle Skin Increase AC   Abj. Vendor 50
Walking Sleep Lower target's attack speed 23% (L14) to 35% (L60)   Alt. Vendor 60

[edit] Level 19

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Affliction Disease based DoT   Con. Vendor 75
Cancel Magic Single Target Magic Effect Debuffer   Abj. Vendor 30
Endure Magic Increase Magic Resistance   Abj. Vendor 40
Frenzy Self Only Melee Stat Buff that slowly drains mana   Abj. Vendor 25
Healing Healing Spell   Alt. Vendor 60
Infectious Cloud Area Effect Disease DoT   Con. Vendor 78
Insidious Fever Decrease Disease Protection   Con. Vendor 30
Malaise Target Decrease Fire, Cold, Magic, and Poison Resists (Max: 20)   Alt. Vendor 60
Shrink Make target smaller in dungeons   Alt. Vendor 50
Spirit of Cat Increase Agility   Alt. Vendor 60
Spirit Strength Increase Strength   Alt. Vendor 40
Vision See through target's eyes   Div. Vendor 10

[edit] Level 24

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Cannibalize Self Convert Health to Mana   Alt. Vendor 0
Counteract Disease Remove stronger disease   Alt. Vendor 50
Creeping Vision Telescope effect (zoom in)   Div. Vendor 20
Envenomed Breath Poison Based Damage Over Time   Con. Vendor 100
Frost Strike Cold Based Attack Spell   Evo. Vendor 100
Invigor Single Target Stamina Regeneration Spell   Alt. Vendor 20
Poison Storm Poison Based Rain Direct Damage   Evo. Vendor 125
Protect Increase AC   Abj. Vendor 75
Regeneration Increases regeneration of the target   Alt. Vendor 100
Resist Cold Increase cold resistance   Abj. Vendor 50
Spirit of Cheetah Short Duration Extreme Movement Speed Increase   Alt. Vendor 20
Spirit of Monkey Increase Dexterity   Alt. Vendor 40
Spirit of Ox Increase Stamina   Alt. Vendor 60
Scale of Wolf Movement increase   Alt. Vendor 60

[edit] Level 29

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Alluring Aura Increase Charisma   Alt. Vendor 60
Befriend Animal Charm Animals   Alt. Vendor 70
Counteract Poison Cures target of poison effects   Alt. Vendor 50
Greater Healing This spell is an upgrade to Healing   Alt. Vendor 150
Imbue Amber Create a Holy Amber Stone Kun. Alt. Vendor 200
Imbue Ivory Create a Holy Ivory Stone Kun. Alt. Vendor 225
Imbue Jade Create a Holy Jade Stone Kun. Alt. Vendor 200
Imbue Sapphire Create a Holy Sapphire Stone Kun. Alt. Vendor 200
Invisibility Single Target Invisibility Spell   Div. Vendor 30
Listless Power Melee stat debuffer   Alt. Vendor 90
Quickness Increase Attack Speed (Max 30%)   Alt. Vendor 80
Raging Strength Increase Strength   Alt. Vendor 60
Resist Fire Increase Fire Resistance   Abj. Vendor 50
Rising Dexterity Increase Dexterity   Alt. Vendor 60
Tagar's Insects Slow target's attack speed 34% (L29) to 50% (L60)   Alt. Vendor 125
Ultravision Single Target Ultravision   Div. Vendor 55