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Orc Pawn Picks

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Were you looking for Orc Picks (Freeport Militia)?
Trizam N`Tan
Start Zone: Neriak Commons
Quest Giver: Trizam N`Tan
Minimum Level: 5
Classes: All
Related Zones: East Commonlands, Nektulos Forest
Related NPCs: Orc Pawn (Deathfist), Deathfist Pawn



Trizam N`Tan in the warrior guild gives the quest to return 4 Orc Pawn Picks to him for faction, money and occasionally an Item

Loc: -25.67, -1141.25, -52.84

You say, 'Hail, Trizam N`Tan'

Trizam N`Tan says, 'And who do you think you are? To step into the Cauldron of Hate one should have the black soul of a warrior. For one to speak with Trizam he should have good reason. Perhaps you return with tales of [deathfist agendas]. If so, then you're a year too late.'

You say, 'What Deathfist Agendas?'

Trizam N`Tan says, 'Have you been spending day and night at the Malden's Fancy?!! The Deathfist Orcs in the Commonlands are up to something. As the inept humans in Freeport hunt down the warrior orcs, the pawns run about on some secret mission. I have been appointed by King Nathox to attend to this matter and hire young warriors who wish to [collect pawn kills].'

You say, 'I wish to collect pawn kills'

Trizam N`Tan says, 'Yes, You will. You need not know the reason why. I command you by order of King Naythox Thex to venture forth to the Commonlands and slay all the orc pawns you see. Return with four pawn picks and maybe I shall even reward you. Leave at once or you shall find yourself hanging from the Hooks of Innoruuk!'

Hand in 4 Orc Pawn Picks...

Trizam N`Tan says, 'As instructed, I shall reward your good deed. But I choose to reward you with provisions from the pantries of Neriak. They shall keep you strong.'

You gain experience!!