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Scout Charisa/Player Agreement

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This is a sub-article on Scout Charisa NPC and the daily contested turn-in. *** NOTE: altering this page does not change the rules ***

Player Agreement on P99 Blue

Refer to the following P99 forum threads:
ShadyGoblin GM enforce.PNG

Hello friends!

This needs to be said on the forums and agreed upon because apparently people think they can break the rules and use the excuse "it doesn't say that anywhere" even though everyone who has been attending is well aware of the rules.

The rules are as follows for rolling for Scout Charisa:

  • You must have the Scout Tools. You win the roll, you turn in tools, you loot the disc. If you do not follow this rule you will be petitioned. This is to prevent someone with 40 friends showing up who don't need it and creating a weighted roll for that one person.
  • You must be level 55 or higher.
  • Please Stay and help. This is not required but more of a courtesy. It's a 5-10 minute ordeal, don't be a salty loser, help the people who are one day going to help you in return. We all have real lives and sometimes you cant always stick around, but if you can, do. Losing and gating is a surefire way to get yourself blacklisted among the community. Yes, people notice, no, you are not unnoticed.
  • In the event of a clickfest. You will be petitioned. You are breaking the playerwide agreement. The entire reason we're doing this is to keep it fair for the people showing up. Clickfest has been proven to be a shit show and I've heard it from a former GM that they are aware people can edit .ini files to insta-turn in. We will not be clickfesting anymore.
  • Rolling time. Rolls begin when Scout Charisa pops. Rolls are /ran 1000, and are valid for up to 30 seconds after the first roll.

Player Agreement on P99 Green

  • You must be at least level 55
  • The roll is /random 1000
  • All rolls must be completed within 30 seconds of the first roll (see discussion).

Please see here

May the gods of your choice bless your dice.