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Stalwart Regeneration

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Causes your body to fervidly heal itself, increasing your regeneration, but rendering you unable to move your feet.

Does NOT stack with certain spells containing regeneration or damage over time.

Does NOT stack with the spell version of Aura of Battle. Does NOT stack with Rotting Flesh, Putrefy Flesh.


This spell is cast by NPCs only.


2 : Increase Hitpoints by 2 per tick
3 : Root
Mana 0 Skill
Casting Time 0.00 Recast Time 0.00
Fizzle Time 0.00 Resist Unresistable
Range Target Type Self
Spell Type Beneficial Duration 1 minute
Cast on You Your feet anchor to the ground as you begin to regenerate.
Cast on Other Someone is stuck to the ground as they begin to regenerate.
Wears Off You have stopped regenerating.

Items with Spell Effect

  • Bark Potion
    Bark Potion
    Item 696.png

    EXPENDABLE Charges: 1
    Effect: Stalwart Regeneration (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 0.8 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL