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The Lost Circle

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Brother Balatin
Start Zone: Dreadlands
Quest Giver: Brother Balatin
Minimum Level: ?
Classes: Monk
Related Zones: Chardok, Karnor's Castle
Related NPCs: Brother Balatin, a drolvarg pawbuster, an iksar betrayer



Brother Balatin is a skeletal monk located on a pyramid in the wizard spires of the Dreadlands at +981, +9057, +1102.

Hail him as any other mob, and you get the following response:

You say, 'Hail, Brother Balatin'

Brother Balatin turns toward you. A transparent human face materializes upon the skull. As he speaks the smells of rotted rat corpses rushes into your face. You must fight the urge to vomit. What discipline do you [follow]?

You say, 'I follow the brotherhood of the Lost Circle.'

Brother Balatin says 'Then we are one. The rebirth of our Circle shall start with you. I have waited decades for your arrival. Seek the living brothers within Tunaria. When you have earned your garb, you will be [ready for the true drape].'

You say, 'I am ready for the true drape.'

Brother Balatin says 'Seek the broken flute of our master, taken from us by the Iksar twins of Vistrei. To me they will come along with your robe and to you will come the dawning of the new brotherhood.'

You need to turn in the following items to Brother Balatin to receive the robe:

Notes on turn in methods:

  • Sneak You can sneak to turn-in pieces. While in sneak behind him (without hailing him) you can open a trade window and he will not aggro. warning: While in sneak, do not hail him, he will turn and aggro you.
  • Charming him to do the turn-in DOES work.
  • Enchanter Pacify does NOT work (confirmed painfully 9 July 2022)
  • Feign Death turn-in DOES NOT work.
Checkbox.png Metal Pipe from an iksar betrayer in Chardok (identifies as Fi).
Checkbox.png A Metal Pipe from a drolvarg pawbuster in Karnor's Castle (identifies as Zan).
Checkbox.png Robe of the Lost Circle

Brother Balatin says 'May you have the correct items or lost forever will be all.'

Brother Balatin says 'May you have the correct items or lost forever will be all.'

Brother Balatin holds his arms out and a fine robe materializes before your eyes. You grab it just in time to see the skeleton fade from existence.

Balatin despawns*. You receive Robe of the Whistling Fists. (*Balatin does not despawn on P99 from turn-in, he does despawn ~10 mins after appearing.)

You gain experience!!

Confirmed quest can be MQd to monk as low as level 18 as of July 2021 on Blue Server.

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