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6-Minute Bard Diet

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There are a number of fast, 6 minute static spawns that make for excellent leveling where one can be afk the majority of the time. They are, for the most part, extremely safe, and occasionally provide good loot. The most infamous of these are the bards scattered throughout Norrath, all of which are on the League of Antonican Bards faction in addition to various Qeynos factions. Thus the 6-minute bard diet will make you KOS to the occasional bard found standing somewhere in most every city, in addition to Qeynos and the guards in North Freeport. It is possible to level from 12-55 solely on these four NPCs: Misty, Cordelia, Vhalen, and Starr. This may be tailored towards a necro, mage, or other good solo class, but bards are notorious for being wimpy, so most classes should have little trouble with the diet, perhaps transitioning to the next higher level bard at slightly later levels.


Level Range - Bard - Bard Level - Location

You're on your own for 1-12. For gnomes, this can be accomplished solely in Steamfont, starting with newbie trash, then Kobolds in the SW, then various level ~8 critters in the North.

Likewise, for 55+ you will need to progress beyond the bard diet (unless you want to try your hand at Bard GMs - not recommended). Goodluck!


When you are below the level of the bard to be killed, the best option is fear or agro kiting.

Once your pet spell level exceeds that of the bard (e.g. 16 for Misty, 24 for Cordelia) you should have little trouble either lifetap tanking or letting your pet tank for most of the fight, only pulling agro off at the end with DOTs if it is low health.

Once the actual level of your pet equals that of the bard (e.g. 20 for Misty, 29 for Cordelia) the pet will make quick work of such music making folk in short order, without any help.

Good hunting! -Ravhin

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