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Armor Size

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Timtok Tonsmith
Start Zone: West Commonlands (or East?)
Quest Giver: Timtok Tonsmith
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: None


  • Small Crafted Armor


There are two dwarven smiths at the inn next to Befallen who offer to resize Crafted Armor for you.

  • Timtok Tonsmith will resize Gauntlets, Vambraces, Helm and Boots.
  • Ranvigoz Tonsmith will resize Bracers, Pauldron, Brestplate and Greaves.

This reduces the size to small and the weight of the armor as follows:

  • Gauntlets were 5.0 now 3.7 wt.
  • Vambraces were 6.5 now 4.8 wt.
  • Bracers were 4.0 now 3.0 wt each.
  • Helm was 6.0 now 4.5 wt.
  • Pauldron was 4.5 now 3.3 wt.
  • Breastplate was 10.0 now 7.5 wt.
  • Greaves were 7.5 now 5.6 wt.
  • Plate boots were 6.5 now 4.8 wt.

You may need to be amiable to them to get the quest. I definitely wouldn't go handing them your armor if they haven't responded to your hails and given you the quest. -When conned indifferent they responded to hails but would not complete quest.