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Evil Shaman Solo Guide

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Level 1-9 - Stay between Feerott, and Innothule swamp. Kill anything that is even/blue. Loot and sell as much as you can, there is an outdoor vendor near bridge in Feerott you can sell to. If you happen to hunt lizards stay away from the camps, you wont win the split. Focus on roamers and then move to entrance of Guk in Innothule Swamp at around level 5. Kill the guards in front of the zoneline to Upper Guk and everything that roams the entrance. May have to run out and get Fungus men as you gain levels (Watch out for Good Faction NPC that roams to the right if facing out from Guk). Do not worry about the swamp waters getting in your way, make it an advantage. Although it slows you down and can lead to some trains if runner gets away. You will train your swim pretty fast making it easier and you will appreciate it later. Once you are around level 8 go towards Ro zoneline and kill crocs and fungus for faster xp (Also make sure you go train Meditate at level 8). At level 9 go buy these spells; Light Healing (9), Spirit of Wolf (9), Tainted Breath (9), Summon Food (9), Bind Affinity (14), Root (14), Spirit Strike (14), Walking Sleep (14). Feel free to buy any others you can afford but this is all you need for now.

TRAVEL TIME ~-~-~-~-~-~ Ok level 9 you have sow. Head to Oasis and catch boat to OT. From OT get a Levitate from someone in zone, and get a bind at outpost w/invis in-case you find trouble on the journey. Run through Warsilks Woods to Field of Bone. Essentially just follow the shore to left of Outpost and then along zone wall. (Be Aware: WW is a treacherous zone with no easy wall to follow, best to get a long invis before attempting to cross this area. If you die, its over an hour by boat from freeport to return.) Once in FoB go to Kaesora ruins and get a bind from a higher level. Watch out for the Red Con skeleton that roams the ruins, bind in the safe tunnel by zone-line to Kaesora.

Level 9-12ish - Kill in the pit, outside the pit, again anything that is blue; Scorpians, Bandits, Burnyai's, Skeletons, Ugly Dogs, you name it. At level 12 or 13 head to Kurns. Best xp Modifier in game which means quicker, easier leveling during some of the hardest levels for a Shaman. Do not worry about looting items at this point unless it is stack-able, especially bone chips.

Level13-19 - Kill the first floor of Kurns Tower. Kill as many as you can, as fast as you can, there will be competition. There is enough for all though as you can start going upstairs as you level. I recommend staying away from basement and the Burnyai's there as they are OP for level. Loot all Bone chips and if your lucky you might find a Clicky wizard wand worth a couple k. At level 19 It is time to leave (Can stay in Kurns Upper Level until 22 and skip next step if you were able to afford level 19 spells prior to coming to Kunark). You should have around 25 stacks of bone chips if not more plus any stack-able items to sell and coin you collected. Bone chips easily sell in the 7-10 plat per stack range. I sold all 25 stacks I got for 10p each and this was in the last 3 months.

TRAVEL TIME ~-~-~-~-~-~ At level 19 it is time to leave Kunark and go back home to re-spell up and hopefully find a full set of Banded Armor (Don't Forget to Train Dodge Available at level 15). At this time you can afford to buy any and all spells you want. You eventually want to save up 500p to buy 5ac/55hp rings x2. They are the best bang for buck and you won't replace them for 55+ levels.

Level 19-22 - I will admit That this may not be the best xp per kill for this level range but Oasis Crocs is where I would call home. Remember to bind on yourself on the way in South Ro, at the Vendor right by Oasis Zone line. You can go to beach and kill crocs solo at P2 which is the rock formation sticking out of the water, south of docks. You can safely med on the rock and pop down to kill crocs and undead. Levels go by pretty quick even if the per kill xp isn't tops. Save words and auction them to low level researchers, can sell for 20p+ on many words. Even a quick 10p is worth it.

Alternative : If you can already afford the spells from the "travel time" below, just head to South Karana right now and hunt elephants and lower centaurs, a lot less camped.

Travel Time ~-~-~-~-~-~ Head back home and buy the important level 24/29/34 all the way up to level 39 if you can afford it. So far you have Full set of banded and hopefully your 5ac/55hp rings and spells as high as you can (to prevent having to run back home). Head through Rathe Mtns/Lake to South Karana and run to the Centaur Camp where you will find a vendor. Bind at him. Gate and sell when needed.

Level 22-29 - Kill Centaurs and trash at fort (They have no faction and the vendor will still sell to.) Kill Aviaks at KFC or head towards NK zone and kill trash by bridge. From 24-29 I stayed to left of bridge from NK zone line and killed all the roamers which are plentiful.

Alternate Spot: 22-25ish:

Solo the two aviaks in the nests above the arena zoneline in lake rathe. They spawn every 6 minutes, so you should be able to root/rot them and be back to full mana/hp before they respawn. They drop bronze weapons, gems, etc. And there are vendors in zone. If you haven't saved enough for 2x 5/55 rings, you'll get the cash here.

Alternate Spot 26-31: Rathe Mountains by Lake Rathe Zone you will find Giant Skeletons and Cyclops that make for good XP. Skell's do not run low life though so keep that in mind. But good Blue mobs with little competition.

Here's where the $$$ comes.

Level 30-34 - Kill Treants in South Karana on zonewall by Centaurs. There are 2 static Treants that you can single pull. They look like both will pull but only one will. Get out malo to pull and nuke/poison dot it down. Be mindful of the heals when it is low life. Just try to get them running as soon as possible. Once you get the strat down you can kill them steadily and they drop upwards of 120gold which is 12plat and FS staffs that sell for 16plat gems that sell for 20plat + others. You will make several thousand plat per level here. This is where you can now go gear up a bit if you want(But I stayed in Banded+ac/hp rings until 44).

Level 34-40ish - Now that your level 34 head over bridge to NK where you will find 2 human Qeynos guards standing watch, with a 3rd that roams up on a long walk. You can stand at zone-line and kill guards here until 39-42. The roaming guard drops FS and you can sell your wares at the gypsy camp up the path, again you can bind here to make selling easier. I usually waited until I was 400pds overweight to sell, luckily shamans don't need to move to kill. XP is very fast as spawn is very fast. (Don't forget to head to WK and buy your Pet spells up to level 49 from the female barb in WK, buy them all don't want to come back out here).

Travel Time ~-~-~-~-~-~ We are now going to Leave NK and head home to respell up and change camps.

Level 40ish - 47ish - Spectres in either Oasis or Feerott by fear zone-line. Will make decent money here as specs drops weps worth 16p and gems. I did the Feerott ones. Can clear back 3 or 4 uncontested a lot, but the ones in the front are camped often. Xp again here fly's by. You can stay til 50% mobs start turning LB at level 47/48 or so (although some stay til as high as 52).

Alternate Spot: 40ish-47ish:

Any other tips for a spot to get through 41-47 other than spectres? Thanks for the Question! Dwarf Guards in BBM and Dock Folk (There are multiple spawns here but they hit hard, not a ton of life), Human Guards in Freeport by docks. Yeti Caves in DL, there are low level and higher level caves, good for this level range(may get multiples when pulling some yetis in cave, use dog to off-tank until root lands), back-wall of Karnor's in DL, OT near SF zone.

TRAVEL TIME ~-~-~-~-~-~ Head back home and buy level 49 spells and head to Oasis boat again. We are going to City of Mist. I came to CoM at level 48 with my banded + low level wis items and ac/hp rings and so can you. Bind in OT at outpost and head to Field of bone through WW again out of OT. Zone into EJ and head to CoM(optional rebind at Kaesora). Again this is a solo guide so we will be soloing in CoM.

48/49-52ish - Once you zone into CoM go across moat and open gate where the 3 Golems guard. Go through the gate and to the right where the temple is. Here you will find a safe spot to sit/med/camp. Sometimes there will be a group here or someone soloing. You want to make that you. Solo the temple if you can get the camp to yourself and duo/trio/group it if it is occupied. If you still want to solo and its camped, go near arena and pull golems from courtyard between temple and stable. You Will want to shout that you want shaman pages during this if you are doing your Epic (which I suggest you faction up to at this point, might as well get max faction while leveling).

Level 53+ - Still in CoM, you can head up to 2nd level with, a shrink, a levitate, and an Invis to Undead. Duo/trio/group up there. If you have epic you can solo the ramparts until 56+.


Here is the trick to doing CoM upstairs prior to level 56(when we get 3 minute root).

They key is to ALWAYS cast Malaisement on the Warboned Skele and Wraith's (highest level mobs). Some of the goo's can be resistant, but not all of them, so you can wait to see if root breaks early on them before spending the mana on Malaisement. (Make sure you always have Levitate or DMF on, so you don't fall off and can see better)

Casting Malaisement makes Enstil last for max duration, which is just a bit over an Epic click in length.

1. Root with Enstill ONLY (60 mana, 96 second duration). Or Pull with level 34 Malaisement and start at step 3.
2. Once you have aggro'd and rooted mob cast Level 34 Malaisement
3. Re-root with Enstill
4. Click Epic (84 second duration).
5. Start re-rooting when you see Epic damage tick for 146dmg
6. Immediately Epic click and move on to next mob.
7. Re-do step 5 and 6 every-time Epic hits 146dmg on mob.

If you follow these steps you will be able to root/rot 3-4 mobs at a time, which is the only way this is effective since we are only using Epic for damage, saving all other mana for Enstill's, Malaisement, and Regen.

As an Ogre I sometimes had 5 or 6 mobs rooted at once if I got greedy and pulled without watching timers for respawn.

I did 54-56 on upper level using these tactics(you can stay til 60 if you wanted). Just avoid being hit by using Malaisement for MAX Duration Enstills, until you get Paralyzing Earth.

Alternate 53+ Spot: Barbarian Guards in Everfrost. There are 3 static spawns by Ice Fields that you can easily root rot until you ding 55, when they turn LB. Also there are Ice Giants that are DB/LB, even at 56 although drop half the plat of Furries. Never the less, there are 3 guarding Permafrost that make for easy camp/money.