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Green Guilds

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Below is a summary list of Green guilds and alliances. See the Guilds page for more information about guilds in general, including suggestions on selecting a guild and information about how to edit this page.


Green Casual Guilds

Guild Name Play times Rules/Ideals Recruiting Voice Chat Contact(s) Forum Link Guild ID
Anonymous East and West coast members, plus some who play at all hours As one of Project 1999's oldest guilds, we just want to play EQ and have a good time together All Discord Calian (Leader), Aicekendi, Badomon, Kiyarah, Tasselhoff, Tecla, Tildairn/Tildazen
Aussie Crew GMT+7-13 Aussie Crew is a group of players in the Oceania time slot (GMT+7 to GMT+13). While we have plenty of raid experience on board, at this point in green's lifetime we're pretty casual and focused on leveling and having fun. Elchar, Causcair, Lahneor, Bachar, Wepawett, Chyvyn, Allisza
Castle 25/8 We are a fun & helpful guild that strives to be a home for adventurers who are looking for a solid group or good conversation. The drawbridge is always down and portcullis raised to the adventurer who is ready to join us on our next sortie into adventure! The garrison has room for *dagger wielders & Epic triumphants alike. Discord+ Maester ravens+ Beacon fires. Leader~Oilexander Senior Officer~Naala Officers~Nigel,Charismatics, Taldio, Lidara, Hoppkins Forum
Detached US Based Guild with members playing at all times. Detached, originally founded in 1999 as an EverQuest guild and moving to World of Warcraft in 2004. Detached was formed by a close group of friends. Currently Detached is a casual Guild looking for like-minded players looking for a fun gaming experience. We work on providing an open and fun experience with weekly events. All players new and old for leveling and all around good times. Discord Drayc, Nucifera/Zephika, Fitz, Bumwise, Vizigoth, Gwarria, Scrowty, Plants, Devook, Troubador, Dozi Forum
Legacy of Ages Eastern Time Nights & Weekends A casual guild for players looking to enjoy the early days of EQ while keeping a close eye on Pantheon's development cycle. Players who have an interest in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Once alpha begins, we plan to be very active in testing the game. Discord Aurelio, Mazikeel, Kelandor
Pantheon or Bust 24/7 Group of players waiting for Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen to come out. We will then establish a guild in the Pantheon game. Join us in game once Green is launched and visit our discord page Discord Qode Longhammer (Guild Leader) Forum
Sacred Phoenix 24/7 We are the expansion of Sacred Phoenix from original Everquest's Antonius Bayle server. We are over (1,350 members and a over an 90% activity rate) between the two servers. All classes and all levels, that are willing to play the game for fun not as a second job. Discord
The Long Patrol Nights / Weekends We are a casual role-playing guild where 'game immersion' is strongly encouraged. We are just a merry band on a quest for some loot, and fellow adventurers. Discord Ascienso (Guild Leader), Gonff (Senior Officer)
The Lost Age A guild completely lost and locked in this time era! Friendly and casual guild for any quester, crafter, adventurer! Recruiting all who seek the glory of the ages! roleplayers, questers, crafters, and people seeking a pure everquest experience Discord Bordor, Thalistair, or Trihardah Forum
The Outlaws 24/7 A Casual guild that does a lot of grouping together. Not rushing to end game or raiding, just enjoying the game and hanging out with cool people. Any and All levels/classes. Anyone who wants to have fun together. Discord Voradin, Oldirte, Ailder, Filto, Oumuar

Environment Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Auld Lang Syne 24/7 Level 30 maximum to join Discord Rainik (Guild Leader), Ainton, Gnaryl, Koet, Ulgromm, Valeris Forum
Dark Men of Odus 24/7 any level Discord Razzmus/Skullmogger (Guild Leader), Impalla, Tyronius (Loremaster), Benanov, Archonus Forum

Raid Guilds

Top Content Raid Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Seal Team 24/7 Experienced raiders with needed classes Discord Phatezz, Smash, Atouk, Vill, Quicken
Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)


Dark Seal Team of Odus: <Seal Team> and <Dark Men of Odus>

Leaders: Phatezz (Seal Team), Skullmogger <Dark Men of Odus>