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Race: Gnome
Class: Necromancer
Level: 13
Zone: Qeynos Hills
Location: Various
AC: 103
HP: 299 (0)
Damage per hit: 1 - 26
Attacks per round: 1 (100%)
Special: See Invis


The elusive.

Known Loot

  • A Glowing Black Stone
    A Glowing Black Stone
    Item 767.png

    INT: +9
    SV MAGIC: +10
    WT: 0.4 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (Rare) [1] 1x 35% (50%)


Opposing Factions

Related Quests

  • None

Classic Spawn Table from Live

Note: This spawn was impacted by the patch on 1/18/2014: Nilbog: Rewrote Pyzjn script in Qeynos Hills. She now only spawns at night and has definitive spawn % chances.

Note: This is unlikely to be exactly true on Project 1999.

Was a topic about a year ago called "now that it doesn't matter". Had a Dev spilling the secrets of the old world like the chance of an AC spawning (including spawn %'s).

These are from that post (page 3, here)

There are two spawns in Qeynos Hills that can appear as Pyzjn. Their respawn time is 3 minutes.

These NPCs wander the zone. NPCs on these spawns are supposed to despawn at 7am / 9pm, presumably so they will respawn as the correct day or night version. Note that the night in EverQuest is 10 hours long and the day is 14 hours long, making it a little more difficult to find NPCs that only pop at night.

MONSTER_1_NAME a_mangy_rat
MONSTER_2_NAME a_brown_bear
MONSTER_2_NIGHT_NAME a_decaying_skeleton
MONSTER_3_NAME a_grizzly_bear
MONSTER_3_NIGHT_NAME a_restless_skeleton
MONSTER_4_NAME a_large_field_rat
MONSTER_4_NIGHT_NAME a_putrid_skeleton
MONSTER_5_NAME a_fire_beetle
MONSTER_6_NAME a_gray_wolf
MONSTER_7_NAME a_giant_rat
MONSTER_7_NIGHT_NAME a_dread_corpse

P99 spawn cycle

The easiest way to camp this is as a tracker. Do not kill anything. At 8pm, go sit on the hill opposite the undead ruins, a stone's throw from Surefall. Open your track. Check the /time. At 9pm, or a few seconds later if you feel you have to account for server/client synchronization, refresh your track. One of the following mobs will have spawned (and appear at the top of your track list):

A Dread Corpse, A Restless Skeleton, A Skeleton, Varsoon, A Putrid Skeleton, A Decaying Skeleton (rarely, but wielding a bronze weapon), Pyzjn.

Note that all these mobs will start to wander fairly quickly after spawning, in paths that take them all over Qeynos Hills, and that Varsoon has several other PHs and is only a PH for Pyzjn if he spawns as part of this cycle. This also means that both Varsoon and Pyzjn/PH can be up simultaneously.

Now, track the mob and kill it. Three minutes on the dot later, another one will spawn (in the event of Varsoon, you can leave Varsoon the Undying up), so return to the hill, open track and hit refresh at the appropriate time. If there are no other mobs being killed, only the PH/Pyzjn will appear at the top of your list. You should be able to get her at least once a night, but be prepared to spend several nights before seeing the GBS.

If you do not have track, you will have to check the six spawn points: at the top of the hill opposite the ruins, at the zone wall behind the ruins, in the valley between the ruins and the hill half way towards Black Burrow, at the tree at the road near Surefall, at the tree near the hill on the Surefall side and on the slope of the hill across from the camp at the Surefall side.

These may seem like vague descriptions of the spawn points but believe me, as your camp progresses you will become very familiar with them. You should be able to circle all of them in under a minute without a movement buff.

If she spawns and is not killed, Pyzjn remains up, and does not despawn at dawn (7am). She will however never spawn during the day.