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Spaid's Solo Guide

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This guide is a work in progress!



You may have made an Enchanter because you wanted Clarity all the time, because you wanted to charm or because you wanted to be desired in a group. Maybe you just didn't want to stare at red health bars all the time like healers do. These are all good reasons.

But sometimes you're just stuck LFG and that's boring.

There are many mobs that you can solo with the right skills and, unfortunately, equipment when you only have a short time to play or while waiting for a group.

Helpful/Required Equipment

There are 2 pieces of equipment that are extremely helpful to an Enchanter solo-er;
Journeyman's Boots
Journeyman's Boots
Item 764.png

Slot: FEET
AC: 1
Effect: JourneymanBoots (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Goblin Gazughi Ring
Goblin Gazughi Ring
Item 872.png

AC: 1
Effect: Invisibility versus Animals (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 5
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL


If you don't get these (or acceptable alternatives) you will die more than if you had them.

Journeyman's Boots

The boots are nice to help you outrun your former pet when charm breaks so that you can re-charm. They'll set you back about 7k for a multi-quest or you can camp an ancient cyclops yourself which could take days.

Alternatively, you could buy sow potions (gets pricey) or beg a druid/shaman for SoW.

Goblin Gazughi Ring

This ring is wonderful in that it will allow you to instantly break your charm spell. Why? So that you can kill it and get it's experience. More on this later. This item will cost about 5-7k depending on the seller. Edit: with the release of Velious less people are camping this so it's skyrocketed in price.

One thing to note is that you must wear the ring to use/click it and you must target yourself to actually break charm. I wear it continually though Loraen's Guide says not to. I'm lazy.

Alternatively, you can camp a sarnak courier in Lake of Ill Omen but that can take hours. And hours. Dark Elves may forgo the GGR in lieu of their racial Hide ability if they'd like but it's not 100% to work.

How to Charm Solo

There are 2 normal/exp methods that I've used and there may be more. Regardless I typically use the same spell line-up (assumes you have all the spells of the type listed).

You may also need to "stun lock" harder named mobs if you're using a pet that's relatively weak compared to the mob.

Normal/Exp Soloing

Normal/Exp Spell Line-up

1-Tash (mapped to keyboard #1)


3-Single Target Mez (mapped to keyboard #3)

4-PB AE Stun once you get it (mapped to keyboard #4)


6-For me this is my swap/buff slot. You can put Invisibility here if you don't have an instant invis/hide item/skill


8-Gate (because it rhymes with 8)

Preferred Method

Find a single dark blue or high green mob near to a mob that you wish to kill (but not within agro range!). Mez or root it so that you have time to Tash it then charm it. Wait for mez/root to wear off and in the meantime tell your pet to attack the other target and turn on taunt. If you root instead of mez you can pull the target mob with Tash through your pet who will attack and taunt the mob, often taking agro immediately.

A good safety net for either version of this method is to time a root to land on the target mob while it's within melee range of your mezzed/rooted pet it.

Hopefully they are both dying at the approximate same rate (and remember to keep root on the target mob). Back off a ways and once they are both at less than 10% health, break your charm with the Goblin Gazughi Ring or Hide. Be ready to target your ex-pet and root. Now you should have 2 mobs at 10% health or less and a single nuke on each should finish them off granting you full exp for each kill.

Risky & Camp Breaking Method

Sometimes there are 3+ mobs within agro proximity of each other and using root, mez or Calm/Pacify to split can be a death sentence. Instead of root/mez & tash then charm you can just gather your courage and charm an undebuffed mob and immediately tell it to attack the others rushing at you. Sometimes it will pick up all the mobs and they will all be hitting your pet. Then you can mez them individually while your pet kills a single (likely with help in the form of haste or slow). I don't recommend this method until your CHA is over 170 or so (based solely on my own experience) and it's much more likely to result in success outdoors, dungeons that are outdoors or dungeons with "rooms" without pathing mobs. This is risky because sometimes charm will break very quickly on an undebuffed mob so you may end up with them all running at you anyway. And that's sad.

Locations that I have used this this are the basement or tower in Unrest, various camps in Guk and some of the spider named in Velketor's Labyrinth. I suppose it's possible to try in the hand room in Karnor's or many Sebilis camps but I haven't tried this yet.

Stun Lock Soloing

Stun Lock Spell Line-up

1-Tash (mapped to keyboard #1)

2-Color Flux (level 4); not required or recommended

3-Color Shift (level 20)

4-Color Skew (level 44)

5-Color Slant (level 52)



8-Gate (because it rhymes with 8)

Stun Locking Method

You can begin stun-locking at level 44 (using level 4, 20 and 44 stuns) but you shouldn't need to. I recommend waiting until you hit 52 and gain Color Slant.

To stun-lock, sick your pet on the mob and get near to melee range (since our stuns are PB AE's) and hit your level 20 stun, immediately after your gems pop back up hit your level 44 stun, wait a 1 second after gems pop back up and hit your level 52 stun, wait a 2-3 seconds after your gems pop back up and hit your level 20 stun. After 2-3 seconds hit your level 44 stun again then level 52 etc...

This is helpful for taking on very high hp mobs (I'm told Sebilis Crypt solo; haven't tried myself) and mobs that hit quickly (Velketor's Lab - Frenzied Velium Broodling when it has the hand wraps). It does use a lot of mana if your pet takes a while to kill the mob so you may want to haste your pet (but this itself is dangerous).

Hunting Zones/Spots

Some of this came from Loraen's Enchanter Guide. Props to him. I'm trying to recall from my lower level days exactly what I charmed so I'll update as I recall. If you have suggestions please feel free to edit or /t me in game.

Also, always use the lowest level charm spell that you can. It's cheaper on the mana. The levels below are broken down by what Charm spells you have, not what you should use.

  • 1-11: This should take all of a few hours. Use your pet in the newbie areas (Crushbone/Blackburrow) and ensure you can afford level 12 Charm.

Charm - obtain at level 12, mob level max lvl 25

  • 12-16: Erud' Crossing/North Karana - Charm willowisps and keep all the Lightstone and Greater Lightstone that you get to turn in to the Gypsies in North Karana or South Ro.
  • 12-16: West Commonlands - Charm a willowisp and sick it on a dervish cutthroat they won't be able to kill your pet since NPC's can't hit magic until 12th level (some cutthroat's are level 12). You'll really need to work on your charm and crowd-control skills at the bandit camp. Keep the dervish cutthroat rings to turn in to Ortallius in South Ro.
  • 12-16: Unrest (yard trash & 1st floor pulls) - no loot except potentially some pages for research
  • 16-20: Upper Guk (froglok gaz squire) - 3 mobs (?) plus a roamer in a large room. The rare drop sells for 400p but ENC can't use.
  • 16-20: Lesser Faydark - Nybright Sisters
  • 16-20: Crushbone (moat/slavers) - Centurion's, Legionnaire's & Slavers around the castle. I wouldn't go too far inside though as there are a ton of spawns. Also CB can be packed with people so you may have to run around a bit. At least you can turn in the belts and pads you get.
  • 20-24: Oasis of Marr - crocodiles and caimans (normal and deepwater varieties). Note that A Cistern Asp poisons so can be a fun pet. Doesn't last long against deepwater's though.
  • 20-24: Upper Guk (scryer) - Once broken easy camp but 5 mobs in the room plus 3-4 outside who can agro if kos. Camp your own gear at least!
  • 20-24: Mistmoore Castle (entry way) - Charm entry mobs/gargoyles around the little lake. The gargoyle eyes sell for ~9pp each.
  • 20-24: Ocean of Tears (gargoyle island) - Be careful of the Specters. Note that getting a rez here is difficult.
  • 20-25: Lake Rathetear - Aviak Guards outside of the arena or gnolls near the South Karana zoneline.

Beguile - obtain at level 24, mob level max 37

  • 25-30: Upper Guk (froglok warden) - this room has 5 (?) mobs in it including the warden and an additional roamer. The warden turns invis quickly if up. You can get only 1-2 mobs at a time but it takes some practice.
  • 25-30: Unrest (fireplace/2nd floor) - Tough to break and not much room to run
  • 25-35: Mistmoore Castle (graveyard) - You may snag the imp protector who drops some decent loot.
  • 30-35: South Karana - Splitpaw outside (heavily camped), Aviak Avocet's/Harriers and some Rooks, or Centaur village though they run fast and shoot arrows (ouch).

Cajoling Whispers - obtain at 39, mob level max 45

  • 35-43: Unrest (Basement/pit/tower) - Only 1 roamer in basement, pit and tower (3 total roamers). At 39+ you can use wolf form to be indifferent to the zone
  • 35-45: Dreadlands (yeti cave) - Just out of the tunnel from hidden valley and to the north (#1 on the wiki map). They drop gems for jewelcrafting (but not the expensive ones).
  • 35-45: Butcherblock Mountains - Kaladim Citizens (not guards) at #1, 3, 16, 18 and 19 on the wiki map. They are the only mobs on this faction and there are typically 2-4 together but separate. The docks has 4 very far apart. Contested by quad-kiting druids and wizads.
  • 35-45: Lower Guk (ritualist) - Clear the room to the far west of #14 on the wiki (assassin/supplier room is #14) and use this and the room just north of it as your camp. Ghoul Root stinks.
  • 37-40: Lower Guk (Evil Eye) - Used my animation to solo at 37. It was HARD and I barely lived with haste/slow/rune and nukes.
  • 40-45: City of Mist - First floor and anything before the bridge. Be wary of Goo's as their MR is high. The temple area is great if you can get it alone.

Allure - RESEARCH ONLY, obtain at 49, mob level max 51

  • 41-50: Dreadlands (north Karnor) - All the trash that roams north of Karnor's. Some of the spiders run at sow speed to be careful when pulling them.
  • 45-50: Dreadlands (west) - Greater Plaguebone/Greater Spurbones in the far western part of the zone
  • 45-50: City of Mist - First floor moat/bridge area. Stables, temple and arena still good but you can get some greens.
  • 50-52: Lower Guk - Executioner/Sage/Cavalier camp. The Executioner camp is very difficult to break solo until 51 and you get Wake of Tranquility though you can try Calm as well. Despite the bad reputation of Wake I never used Calm at this camp and didn't have any issues.

Boltran's Agacerie - obtain at 53, mob level max 53

  • 50-55: Lower Guk - Bloodthristy and Frenzied ghoul. Watch out for the wanderer that paths into the frenzy's chamber.
  • 50-60: Eastern Wastes - Ry`Gorr fort. Extremely tough to break without clearing trash mobs. Note that you can run trash mobs to the Coldain huts to the north and they will maul them for you. Many orcs have SoW speed due to the shamans so be careful. Recommend charming Deaen Greyforge with Cajoling. You can tap him since he's a paladin also.
  • 50-60: Lower Guk - Arch Magus. Again tough to break but Calm/Wake of Tranquility helps (unless crit resist because then you likely die).
  • 50-55: Wakening land - Sentient Suits of Armor. Super heavily contested by quad-kiters but each pull is typically 2 mobs which is perfect.
  • 51-54: Karnor's Castle - Entryway, left courtyard or right courtyard or event the drolvarg captain castle. Thankfully there's usually a clicky rezzer in the zone. This place can be SUPER over camped though.
  • 51-55: City of Mist - Second and third floors. The third floor (walkways up top) is difficult to break due to undead and goos mixed up together. You can't really set up to start your charm without a little luck. You can let a shaman or cleric leech exp with you if you'd like. Although that stretches solo a little =).
  • 55-60: Velketor's Labyrinth - You can solo any spider prior to heading through the invisible walls and into the Kobold areas. Crystalline Watcher, Shard Spider and Blizzard Spider are my favorite pets as they are lowest level. Note that all Crystalline spiders are Rogues and backstab for 250+ damage (hunters for near 500), good for solo stun-locking named mobs.
  • 54-57: Karnor's Castle - Parapet, hand room (if you dare to break it) or basement. Becareful of the Construct of Sathir in the hand room as it summons and Harm Touch's. Try to Calm them all with different camera angles.
  • 55-60: Lower Guk - The ghoul lord. He's a beast. Had to use the Risky Camp Break method by charming one of his Bok guards while mezzing the pather and other spawn in his chamber. Required hasting 2 pets (since he chewed through the 1st one) and slowing him (twice). Dar's in the area are green to a 60 but still give exp.
  • 55-60: Howling Stones - North Wing (others once you get keys and are well geared with all spells). I recommend having Bedlam since almost every mob here Harm Touches. I don't have Bedlam so if some more daring Enchanter does this without it let me know how it goes.
  • 58-60: Sebilis - Entryway down through 1st teleport out and down toward Disco. Confirmed on a terrifying "calm your way down to disco we need you" experience. Trash mobs still give insane exp but charming any shaman mob is scary since they self haste. You may also need to stun/mez the wizard mobs when they start casting Ice Comet because they do randomly target you instead of pet sometimes.
  • 58-60: Karnor's Castle - Drolvarg Warlord and bodyguards. They summon but I've seen other high level Enc's do it so I know you can. I'm not there yet since I don't have Bedlam.