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Tesch Val Scrolls

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Edvard Tommels
Start Zone: South Qeynos
Quest Giver: Edvard Tommels
Minimum Level: 24
Classes: All
Related Zones: Southern Karana
Related NPCs: a Rosch Val Gnoll, a Tesch Mas Gnoll, a Tesch Val Gnoll, Tesch Val Deval`Nmak


  • Karana's Tear
    Karana's Tear
    Item 534.png

    Slot: EAR
    STA: +5
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


Edvard is located at (375, -499) in the yellow house next to the bank, across from the Office for the People in South Qeynos.

When you hail him he mentions that he is collecting Tesch Val scrolls.

You say, 'Hail, Edvard Tommels'

Edvard Tommels says 'Greetings, ______. Thank you for stopping by. Had you heard I was looking for any and all information regarding the Tesch Val incursion? Perhaps you have come to help me gather knowledge? I seek the [Tesch Val scrolls]!'

You say, 'Tesch Val scrolls?'

Edvard Tommels says 'Oh good! I can add them to my collection. We are preparing to make books you know. Bring me any of the scrolls you find in the old Splitpaw lair, and I would be happy to reward you handsomely.'

The item in question is called Tanned Split Paw Skin (lore), and identify as "History of the Verishe Mal." It drops from gnolls in South Karana outside the entrance to Splitpaw Lair as well as within Splitpaw itself. Upon hand-in:

Edvard Tommels says 'Why thank you, ______. If you do happen to come across any more of these, please bring them to me.'

  • Your faction standing with QeynosCitizen has been increased by 2.

You gain experience!!

I got 11 blues and a dot from turning in all four scrolls one at a time at level 25 (Wood Elf Druid). 8/5/18
About 3.5 blue per scroll at level 28 (Druid).
11% xp per scroll at level 24 (High Elf). 11/16/18
Almost 5.5% per scroll at level 30. (turned in at dubious, but watch out for blue robes pathing)
At level 40 you earn approximately 9/10 of a blue bubble in exp per scroll
At level 40 with a wood elf druid I got 1/2 blue per scroll on 8/18/18. That 9/10 of a blue can't be correct."
At level 41 you earn approximately 1 1/5 blue bubbles in exp per scroll
At level 22 I earned 11% as a human monk, also, he gave me the quest at 21 (so the 24 minimum is not correct)
At level 41 you earn approximately 1 1/5 blue bubbles in exp per scroll
At level 41 gnome enchanter 4-5% xp per scroll

If you read the scrolls (need to learn gnoll), you will see that there are actually 4 different ones. If you turn in all four at once, you will get a Karana's Tear-- but you will only get exp once, instead of 4 times.

Book Contents

Volume 1 - History of the Verishe Mal

We were forged from the Earth by the hands of our lord, Brell Serilis. He molded us into an image that suited him, and we were glad. Such is our role to learn and expand, and be one with the underworld. We were born to know many things, and we shall. Our lord told us that we suffered not the curse of the others, and for this, we are grateful.

Volume 2 - History of the Verishe Mal

Our forefathers gave us many tasks to better us. We learned the way of the sword, and the way of magiks. At each test we proved victorious, and for a time, quite prosperous. In time, we grew to be a large race, and created a ruthless empire that spanned many a mile. Our worth was broken down into a caste system, and many were made slaves.

Volume 3 - History of the Verishe Mal

The Verishe Mal were then ruled by the Ishva Mal, hard and stern rulers. In the old tongue, Ishva meant Supreme and Mal meant ruler. Beneath the Ishva, there were the Rosch, and the Tesch, the caster and warrior castes. Above the Rosch and the Tesch were the Nisch, the spiritual leaders of the Verishe Mal. Shortly after the abolition of the old ways and the

Volume 4 - History of the Verishe Mal

The Council of Nine has ruled us faithfully for many a year now. We find peace in our lives, and vow not to harm another. There are still many factions that wish to return to the old ways, but the current council, has opposed those ideas in chamber. They suspect at this time that there may be someone working within the council to return the Verishe to the