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Ultimate Leveling While Making Money Guide

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This guide is based on my own experience leveling several different classes through different locations to 50 and tips from other players on the best and quickest leveling spots to maximize coin while doing it. I have done it as a Necromancer so you might have to change your strategy or duo some of these places according to your class.

Note this is not the fastest way to level guide, although it is pretty quick if the spots you need are not being heavily camped.

Levels 1-12

Doesn't really matter. Just hit level 12. I know lots of people go to East Commonlands to get buffs at the tunnel and then just kill whatever they find running around. I tried this method but found it slower than simply soloing without any buffs in Steamfont Mountains since there was literally 0 competition for any mobs compared to the 20 other low levels doing the same thing as me in East Commons. Save all your bone chips/HQ pelts/anything else higher level players will buy and easily pay 10+pp a stack for.

Levels 12-18

Nybright Sister camp in Lesser Faydark. 6 min timer. Located next to the entrance to Mistmoore. Easily breakable camp even at level 12, has 4 very low HP rogue mobs that drop bronze weapons in addition to low level gems/stones. To easily break the camp, hit Kayla Nybright, then Shayla Nybright, and finally the other two sisters: Jayla Nybright and Tayla Nybright. The weapons vendor for almost as much as fine steel does. If this camp is taken there is another bandit camp up north, but with 3 spawns who are warrior mobs so they take longer to kill. There is a vendor right there in the zone as well if you are a good race, if not, I suggest binding yourself at the merchants in Steamfont and run back and hope no one has taken the camp. I made over 2k plat doing 12-18 here and was able to purchase a full set of Necro gear along with all my spells.

Levels 18-24

Crag spiders in Eastern Karana right by the long winding entrance back into Highpass Hold. Rarely camped by more than 2 people, and even then, there are so many spiders and other wandering dark blue con mobs, you have more than enough before your mana/hp can regen. The coin off these isn't that great, but they drop a ton of spider silk which you can sell to players for a good amount of plat as you will have well over 20+ stacks by the time these con light blue. If you happen to be a necro, Tol Nicelot in the Erudin library is an excellent solo camp for levels 18-19. You will want to use fear and kill him as soon as possible because he uses LoH, but he is worth a nice chunk of experience, has a five minute spawn, and averages over five platinum per drop. After every other Nicelot kill, you can run to Erud's Crossing and kill Yallin Paust (spelling?) in the volcano crater. He give less experience and drops normal coin for the level, but he sometimes drops a Raw Fine Hide.

Levels 24-28

Sister Hut in Ocean of Tears. One of the best money making camps in the game pretty much until you are 40+. Two mobs spawn in this hut, 6 min timer. Easy to break. They both drop longswords + misc words and purity belts every single time. The longswords sell for 11pp each. There is a dwarf vendor directly behind you in a tent BUT He will he not buy from you if you are an evil race/class. Another easy 4k+ plat here going 24-28. If this spot is camped, you can do the other sisters on the island as well as the dwarfs, however the coin is not close to these 2 sisters in the hut.

(Edit) This camp is far harder than a 24 can do unless you are twinked or a bard class. Tried duoing this with a 25 enchanter and 24 necro and we could both barely kill one of them, they have very high resists.

(Edit) This camp was pretty easy with the right duo; 24 enchanter and 24 druid. The resists are high, but not too bad if you use tash. You can't split the spawn with pacify/harmony, but if you pull with tash/snare, then let the chanter pet tank the sister that is not snared yet. Mes the snared sister chasing the druid. Then fear/kite each one. Just make sure they don't wander too close to the huts with the red cons. Pull so they are farther away, or root them before they get too close.

Levels 28-35

Splitpaw Lair. I personally was able to solo all the spawns up until the double doors. You can duo the room past the doors and pretty much most of the dungeon after that. Very good money here, and its usually not camped. I rarely saw more than 6 people in this zone while leveling here. Bind yourself at the Aviak merchant at the top of KFC for the quickest run back to paw after you unload your inventory. Less money than the sister hut ironically because nothing in the game drops 11pp+ at this level vendor items unless its specs, giants, etc, but still the best you will find in this level range and very quick XP.

Edit: I don't know who wrote this, but apparently they don't know about the treants in Southern Karana. Granted you will take some faction hits, so if you care about the karana druids/rangers faction, and the guards of Qeynos factions, don't kill them. However, there is no other camp in the game in this level range that even comes close to the amount of money you can make camping the treants. Feasibly one can rake in about 1k per 3 - 4 hours at this camp. Details: Most of the money you're making comes from cash drops in gold. The lowest amount of gold I've ever seen them drop was around 25. The highest was about 140. More often than not, they're going to be dropping in the 80-110gp range. They also drop Great Staffs, which sell for 16pp, Flawless Aquamarines which sell for 11pp, Black Pearls which sell for 18pp, Peridots which sell for 9pp, and other gems which generally sell for plat(prices are based on my charisma, which is 55). They also drop words/etc. The key to making money at this camp is to vendor at the centaur camp(which is very close). There are always Golden Pendants in the merchant's inventory(they aren't unlimited, so don't be a douchebag and buy them all, always leave at least 1 so they don't drop off the list). With 55 CHA, you can buy them for 15pp 9gp, and sell them back for 14pp 7sp. Greater CHA obviously will decrease your loss, but with 55 CHA, you're only losing less than 2pp per transfer, which is pretty amazing. In three days, spending about 5 hours per day camping these, I made over 4k, and was able to gear myself pretty decently, as well as buy three level intervals(24, 29, and 34) worth of research-only spells.


-Vermarion Mortis, 33 Iksar Necromancer

Level 35-50

Here is where your choices open up.

  • You can do the spectres in either Ocean of Tears, The Feerrott, or Oasis of Marr. I found the specs in OOT to be the least camped and easiest to solo at 35. Very good money, upwards of 1k+ per level depending on your luck on gem drops. You can stay here from 35-50 if you want. Bind yourself at the same dwarf merchant you used for the sisters, and then run back and hope no one has taken your spot.
  • Another really good spot that you can stay at until 50 and is almost never ever camped are the East Freeport guards right outside the docks. There are 7 of them, 8 if you count the green con guard next to the level 40ish guard. You can kill them in pairs of two at a time, and its pretty easy to break this entire section of all 7 guards using root once you get your strategy down. They are I believe on the 27 min guard timer, but by the time you kill the level 40 guard you will only have 5-10 mins before the first 2 guards start spawning again. They commonly drop two fine steel weapons at the same time, and if you kill all 8 (including the green), that's a very nice amount of coin and XP. Once you are able to break this camp the XP flow is non stop as is the cash. There are two vendors in the house next to you on the dock, and both will sell/buy from you regardless of your faction or race/class.
  • Lots of people recommend the seafury cyclops island in OOT if you are level 40+ as well, however I find that it is 70% of the time overcamped, and you have to run around like a maniac to get the first tag on a spawn, and you can make much better coin at the spots I mentioned above.
  • Finally, once you hit around 35-40 you can go to Rathe Mountains and kill the hill giants on hill giant hill. They drop between 0-80pp 0-700gp, and various amounts of of silver and copper. One trick to killing there is to go to a vendor and when you get overloaded with gold silver and copper just buy a gem (like an opal or similar) and sell it back to the vendor. You'll lose about a plat (or a few gold) every time you do it, but you'll save yourself a lot of hassle trying to make it to a bank.

There are many more options of things to camp once you are max level, but only a few classes are able to solo these, and I am pretty sure if you are already 50 then you already know about them and there is no need to include them in the guide.

Have fun. -Lukas