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Air Tight Box Quest

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Larkon Theardor
Start Zone: Ak'Anon
Quest Giver: Larkon Theardor
Minimum Level: 3
Classes: All
Related Zones: Steamfont Mountains
Related NPCs: Fodin Frugrin, an infected rat



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If you speak with Larkon Theardor, who is is standing with a Gnome Mechanic on the right side of the Library Mechanimagica, he will tell you to speak with Fodin Frugrun, a gnome located in the observatory in the Steamfont Mountains (to the left of the tunnel to Ak'Anon as you are coming out of the tunnel).

You say, 'Hail, Fodin Frugrin'

Fodin Frugrin says 'Hello, _____. Have you ever peered beyond our little world? Somewhere out there in the vast darkness is a world filled with great technology and adventure. Our people should concentrate on reaching these distant worlds beyond the sparkling skies.'

You say, 'Larkon sent me'

Fodin Frugrin says 'So they found another young member to attend to their putrid hunt, eh? Take this box. You will notice that your box has ten slots and does not smell very good. That is because each slot must be filled with the diseased livers of infected rats. Hop to it, then! Go get some diseased livers. And if you should get bitten and find yourself diseased or poisoned, be sure to visit the Abbey of Deep Musing. They have healers who can cure disease. Do not forget to return the box to Larkon.'

You receive an Air Tight Box, inside which you need to combine 10 Infected Rat Livers (dropped by infected rats and plague rats in Steamfont).

On handing in the combined Air Tight Box to Larkon in Ak'Anon:

Larkon Theardor says 'Whew!! What smells of rotting disease? Oh.. It's you. I see you've gathered all the diseased livers. I shall have them incinerated in the scrapyard. The only reason we do this is to keep the Dark Reflection from using these components in their black arts. Take this. I hope you use it wisely. Oh, and.. take a bath. You stink!!'

You gain experience!!

You receive 5 silver from Larkon Theardor.