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Notice: This page needs a revamp or clean-up. It may contain serious omissions or information which is incorrect for Project 1999. It may represent the wrong era, and/or may be the result of a revamp on Live which may not yet be active on P99. Do not trust this page.

There are numerous player guilds on Project 1999. Some are casual, and focus on having fun while leveling up, while others are dedicated to conquering endgame raid content together.

This page contains a list of active guilds on the server. Inactive guilds can be found on the Former Guilds page.

While most guilds strive to keep this page accurate, be aware that for some guilds more up-to-date information can be found in their guild thread on the Project 1999 forum.


Starting a Guild

To create a guild on Project 1999 simply gather a group of at least five friends together and then petition in-game (ie. the same process as on the original live Everquest servers).

Once you've created your guild you can add it to this page via the normal wiki editing process. The Guild List Editing page has further instructions.


Casual Guilds

Name Active Times Guild Focus Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Auld Lang Syne 24/7 Strict no-twink policy, no purchase outside the guild, tradeskilling, leveling, hardcore classic All levels/classes Discord Rainik (GL), Scaleway (SO), Shartstack (SO), Nanin/Nikbik (JO), Koet (JO), Aintnothang (JO), Valeris (JO), Delcros/Delfyre (JO), Shaadoe (JO), Jotok (JO), Ulgromm (JO), Vanifac (JO), Rusya (JO), Gomiciz (JO), Gundaver (JO), Acoustiko (JO), Eglantine (JO)  ?
Corpse Run  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Cracked Staff Artisans US Tradeskills, RP, Leveling Any tradeskills except fishing No Tadhg, Gladoree Forum
Crimson Fist  ? Leveling/feeder guild for Omni All classes, all levels  ? Mgellan  ?  ?  ?
No Time To Rez 24/7 For players seeking a new challege, come join us in P99's premiere PERMADEATH Guild All levels Discord Fevr/Dalendar and  ?  ?
Dawn Believers 24/7 Leveling All levels Discord Allio/Godsun  ?  ?
Dial a Port 24/7 Porting, safe transfers, and other services Druids, wizards, and more (but mostly druids and wizards)  ? Tupakk/Afeni  ?  ?  ?
Department of Fun 24/7 Player-run events Anyone who loves fun! You can even be in other guilds, we don't care! Skype/Discord Tadhg, Tupakk Forum
Happy Birthday  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Just A Phase  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Kittens Who Say Meow Grouping and socializing at all hours; Raids mostly on weekends US time Friendship; Acts of Kindness; Leveling; Raiding Any classes welcome Discord Spacepope, Dooce, Apathe, Judass, Kartophel, Moirax, Mordris, Smittenkitten, Shyye, Xystus, Meviin Forum
Last To Engage  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Paradox EST Casual Raiding 40+ All Classes Discord (Mandatory) Rilex, Bunnii, Quenith, Djynni, Kavalier, Vitaani, Yolos, Sheys [Forum Link]
Socks and Sweaters  ? Leveling All levels  ?  ???  ?  ?  ?
Square and Compass US Friendship and Charity, casual raiding in the future. Everyone Discord Hiiram, Onadan, Headkick, Adyl Forum
Talisman PST Reliving the old EQ Live Days All old Talisman Members Mumble Striph, Nova Forum
Tenacious EST Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature All Mumble Immortaal, Zawr Forum
Train To Zone  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Veloci Shift Est Gobal Casual,RP,Static groups.leveling adventure guild OPEN RECRUITMENT All Classes/races needed! TeamSpeak3 Client Kishift,Rainarrow,Elizah,Wildpaws,Mrsshift,Doshi
Vita Infinita EST-PST Leveling, dungeons and light raiding All non-dbag types welcome Discord Ballhaus/Thees/Siddartha, Moerne, Ghrumps, Velthak, Aara

Casual Raid Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Anonymous 24/7 DKP Clerics 46+... Everything else 50+ Mumble Anonymouse, Fugues, Dekayd, Suze, Louu, Trixsie, Forum
Azure Guard EST - PST DKP 44+ Recruitment post Mumble (optional) Meah, Kumadar, Moonwood, Expediency Recruitment post Azure Guard Forum
Blackheart Pirates two evenings per week (one weekend, one weekday); times vary modified DKP system All classes are welcome, min level 20 but exceptions can be made Discord; only listening is mandatory Aceart/Tpar  ?  ?
The Circle 8PM EST Casual Guild/Guild Groups/Light Raiding Random on Loot and Need before Greed All Classes 40+ Teamspeak for Raids Kelle, Borguk, Zotspox, Vaklesh, Reynas, Khameleon The Circle Public Forum
Clue Worldwide/EST Time Zone Leadership Class R Anyone is welcome Discord - Strongly Encouraged, Not required Pooh, Billius, Dontlet, Zeraldi Forum 64
Europa GMT+1 DKP Level 35+ No voice chat mandatory Nabyha, Gaviilan Forum 29
Fires of Heaven  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Forum  ?
Homeland Security  ?  ?  ?  ? Xakasle  ?  ?  ?
Infernus 6pm till late AEST (GMT +10) - AU/NZ/SEA A balanced casual guild structure with a serious raiding attitude. All Classes & Levels optional Giustin, Shigouragu, Anthea, Drewcifer, Smakem, Mythrelle, Shadsea Forum  ?
Omni daytime US...building toward 24/7 presence Loot Council all classes, L45 and up - more interested in the person than level/class Mumble Cloki Forum 35
Savage  ?  ?  ?  ?  ???  ?  ?  ?
The Second Sons US PM Casual XP/Raid/Epic groups. Random roll on usable raid loot. Equipment Pass Down policy for low level characters. RP. Collective guild progression and new targets. Everyone Discord Khaall, Houma, Monrezz Website Forum  ?
Venerate  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Forum  ?
Rustle  ?  ?  ?  ? Lilyanna, ??? Forum  ?

Raid Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Aftermath 24/7 DKP  ?  ? Detoxx, ??? Forum  ?
Awakened 24/7 DKP All Classes Level 60 - Recruitment Mumble Breaken, Eratani, Fingerz Forum  ?


Hydra Alliance

The Hydra Alliance is composed of: Blackheart Pirates, Homeland Security, SOTS, and Eternal Sovereign.

  • Raid Times: Twice weekly, times vary
  • Modified DKP depending on raid.
  • Individual guilds recruiting; the alliance doesn't recruit, but will accept guilds as members.
  • Contact info: Aceart/Tpar/Darusk
  • Website:

Seen in-game

  • Galactica
  • Clan Borf
  • Dawn Believers
  • Thunder Legion
  • Unknown Guild
  • Nerd Squad
  • SOTS
  • Mana is Overrated
  • Material Continuum
  • Radiant
  • Necropolis
  • Fear the Ungodly
  • Diverse
  • Thug Life
  • Free Thought Empire
  • Seriously Comical
  • Legends of Zagor
  • Dudes Who Say Sup
  • For Gnomeregan
  • Drowned Citizens
  • Port Authority
  • Uber Ports
  • Transcendence
  • Knights Who Say Ni