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Getting Started

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Welcome to Project 1999, the most popular and successful emulated EverQuest server ever created. Project 1999 emulates EverQuest from 1999-2001 (ie. the core game plus the Kunark and Velious expansions) as faithfully as possible.

This wiki contains tons of information, but what you're probably looking to do is get started. This page will walk you through the process.

Steps to Get Playing

To get started playing on Project 1999 you should follow these steps:

NOTE: The official server Getting Started guide can be found here. This guide includes many useful wiki links that the official guide doesn't, but if you run into any problems you may wish to refer to that guide also.

  1. Acquire the "Titanium" EverQuest Client
    • This must be the Titanium client and not any other version of EverQuest. This version is not available for retail purchase anymore, but can still be found (as the link explains).
  2. Install the Titanium Client
    • NOTE: Do NOT patch after the installation is finished
  3. Patch Your Client with the Project 1999 patch files
  4. Read (or at the very least, skim) the server's rules, also know as its Play Nice Policies
    • NOTE: These rules are similar to the live Play Nice Policies, but are different in some key ways. Remember, Project 1999 is not a paid product: it's a player-run server, staffed entirely by nice people who volunteer their time to help players like you. The rules reflect this
  5. Start EverQuest properly
    • (ie. DO NOT run it directly; run eqgame.exe patchme instead)
  6. Create a forum and EQ Emulator/Login Server account
  7. Select the appropriate server ("Project 1999: Blue", "Project 1999: Green", or "Project 1999: Red")
  8. Create a character and then start playing!
    • The Newbie Guide has advice on how to choose a race and class, and on how to optimize your character's starting stats

Technical Issues

If you have any problems see the Tech Support pages or the Technical Forum in the Project 1999 Forums

Learning More

The front page of the wiki contains links to many various useful pages, so it is recommended that you start there. You should read or at least skim on the class page for whichever class you plan to play, or if you're not sure which class you want, read several.

You'll also want to explore the various Player Guides. If you're completely new to EverQuest you will likely find the Newbie Guide to be especially helpful.

There are also guides for many of the starting cities. These will tell you where important NPCs (eg. the banker) can be found, what items you should save (for quests), etc.

What if I See Something That is Wrong?

Create a wiki account and fix it! This entire wiki is 100% a player effort, so the only way that it can improve is with your help. The only requirement to edit is that you be be thoughtful, respectful, and do your best to make the wiki better for everyone with your changes!