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A few helpful tidbits for various problems that are commonly encountered, as well as updates to the Titanium client designed for Project 1999.



Main article: Everquest Titanium Installation Guide

Technical Issues

Tech Support Q&A (Work in progress)

Different Environments

Windows 10

Main article: Windows 10

EQ on Mac OS X

Even though I'm new here, I've already come across some of the familiar "How can I play on my Mac?" requests. The replies usually follow the same pattern: One person suggests buying Crossover Games. Someone else suggests installing and configuring a Wine port. Another person suggests installing Windows into a VM, or using Bootcamp. And then there's the inevitable troll who belittles you for choosing a Mac to begin with.

In response, I thought it might be useful to put together a downloadable Wine wrapper that requires only minimal configuration to get Project 1999 up and running on your Mac. This requires no additional installations since Wine is embedded in the wrapper. Note that EQ itself is NOT included in this download.

See this guide:

EQ on Linux

See these guides:

EQ from RAM

The idea of this is mainly to make zoning / loading content much faster than it normally would take when reading from a hard drive. See this guide:

Cannot type some special characters like apostrophe

Symptom: Cannot type any certain characters in the chatbox, such as + = [ ] { } " ' etc. (reference)

Fix: Disable various MS keyboard devices:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Click on "Keyboards" to open the tree.
  3. Right-Click on "Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard" and choose "Uninstall", then click "Ok".
  4. Right-Click on "Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard" and choose "Uninstall", then click "Ok".
  5. Right-Click on "Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys" and choose "Uninstall", then click "Ok".
  6. Click on "Human Interface Devices" to open the tree.
  7. Right-Click on "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" and choose "Disable", then click "Ok".

You do not have to reboot.

Multi-Core / Slow-Mo Issues

See also: Duxa

Symptom: Issues with rapid movement, or very slow movement / frame rate, double durations, crashing, etc. (reference)

Fix 1: Try running EQ under WinEQ2, Found at

Fix 2: Restrict to one processor in msconfig:

  1. Open the start menu, click on Run,type in msconfig and click on OK
  2. In the System Configuration window click on the start sub menu and the on Advanced Options button.
  3. In the second window that appear, you should be provide with an option for enabling and disabling the number of processors you want to use. (set num=1)
  4. Validate your entry by clicking on OK.
  5. Restart your PC and it should be fine.

Fix 3: Compatibility mode:

  1. Right-click the program icon on your desktop or the shortcut on the Start menu for the program you want to run, and then click Properties.
  2. Click the Compatibility tab, and change the compatibility settings for your program.
  3. Try Windows 95/98 settings.

Fix 4: Use cpu affinity setting. Change your shortcut from

eqgame.exe patchme


cmd.exe /C Start /affinity 1 eqgame.exe patchme

Advanced: to run your Everquest on a random CPU core see Players:Technical/Affinity

Note: You can also change the affinity of a process in Task Manager after it is running (mixed success).

Graphical glitch: flickering pixelation around objects

Symptom: Strange textures or flickering black squares appear around the edges of objects, players, etc. (reference)

Fix: Change (Options->Display) skies to either Simple or Off. If you want to see the sky, the following procedure may work:

  1. Enter game, see corruption
  2. Maximize game into full screen, turn skies OFF
  3. Go back to windowed mode, turn skies ON

You may have to repeat this procedure after zoning.

Error: ResetDevice() Failed!

Symptom: You will randomly get this error message when switching between fullscreen and windowed modes. It kills the game.

Fix: Use WinEQ2.

Third-Party Tools

These are all optional tools which provide some extra functionality, outside of the game itself. These are all thought to be fully allowed by the p99 rules.

Note: MacroQuest ("MQ2") is not allowed, actively detected, and will get you quickly banned.

EQ LogTools

See also: Logfiles
EQ LogTools Screenshot
  • License: Open source.
  • Type: Desktop app (log file monitor).
  • Author: sevendeuceoff

EQ LogTools is a parsing tool that reads the last line of a Project 1999 log file. It looks for specific triggers for spells and disciplines and starts countdown timers when a spell has been successfully cast/landed on a target.

It also includes a "trigger" panel for notifying you when a user-defined text string occurs in the log file.

p99 patcher+mapper

p99-mapper Screenshot
  • License: Open source.
  • Type: Desktop/web app (log file monitor w/ online connectivity).
  • Author: tristanio

In an effort to add some utility to my p99-patcher I have added a new map app.

The app will look through your log file for the latest /loc you have done, and map your location on the zone you are currently in.

Shared maps/"friend sync" is supported (latest player locations stored on my server), so you could set up a shared map account for your guild, and be able to view any guildie's location (if they were using the app and a /loc macro bound to a movement key) in real time (even across zones).


  • License: Closed source.
  • Type: Web site.
  • Author: tristanio

Live EC auction tracker.


Teamspeak Portable (USB)

1.) Download 7Zip[1]

2.) Download a current version of TS3 client [2]

3.) Open 7zip

4.) Navigate to your TS3 Client download location

5.) Right click on the .exe and press Open Inside

6.) Extract those files into a folder of your choosing (I used "TS3")

7.) Open the folder you extracted TS3 to.

8.) Navigate to $_OUTDIR

9.) Copy all the files in this directory

10.) Paste the files into the previous directory (Base TS3 folder)

11.) Launch TS3!

EQ Lite Client

  • License: ?
  • Type: Script (or manual method)
  • Author: FatMagic

Script/method for greatly reducing the disk space used by a Project 1999 installation (which works by removing non-Project 1999 files).

EQ Companion

  • License: Closed source.
  • Type: Desktop app (log file monitor).
  • Author: ?

EQ Companion is a program designed to monitor EverQuest log file. There are a lot of similar programs available but where EQ Companion differs from the rest is that it is designed to be running as you are playing EverQuest. It will constantly poll the log file and read new lines in and parse them in real time. This real-time monitoring obviously requires that you have 2 networked computers.

EQ Companion can also be used off-line to parse fights, keep track of loot, skill increases, etc. It is very easy to use has very strong melee fight analysing abilities. Map, spell timer, faction hits and messages too!


  • License: Open source.
  • Type: Desktop app (log file monitor).
  • Author: Zliz

ZlizEQMap is a map tool mainly designed for servers that emulate old versions of EverQuest. It features a local database of maps from the old EQAtlas website, along with player positioning (x plotted on map), transparent overlay, waypoints, zone connections, and more.


  • License: Closed source.
  • Type: Desktop app (log file monitor).
  • Author: Riou

GamParse is a powerful and feature-rich log file parser for EverQuest used by all of the top guilds, as well as many individuals who want to improve their performance.

Key features:

   Very easy to get started with old log files, or live files
   Ideal for parsing an entire raid, a group or a single player
   View the results of a battle in the interface
   Watch battles live using an overlay that you can see in game
   Send the results to EQ to share with your group or guild
   Export results to a highly detailed HTML file
   Track DPS, spell casting, discs, abilities and tanking
   Analyse melee accuracy, critical rates, defenses, hit sizes, and damage broken down by type
   Use a selection of graphs to view DPS and tanking details
   and many more features!


  • License: Closed source.
  • Type: Desktop app (log file monitor).
  • Author: ?

Unlike other log parsers, Y.A.L.P. provides fully detailed damage information for every party found in your log file, and allows you to inspect any damage information, right down to the per-hit level.

What makes Y.A.L.P. different is that it can provide a full accounting of damage from the perspective of each party. Because Y.A.L.P. assigns damage lists to every party found in a log file, it can properly relate all damage done to and from each and every party. In Y.A.L.P., the damage a party deals to others is called Offensive Damage, and the damage a party takes from others is called Defensive Damage. Each party has its own Offensive and Defensive damage lists. When damage is found in a log file, it is attributed to both of the parties involved. The attacker gets an entry in his Offensive Damage lists, and the defender gets an entry is his Defensive Damage lists. This double entry method is what gives each party a full account of all damage they were involved in.

Since each party has their own record of damage, viewing damage information with Y.A.L.P. starts by selecting a party. Once you have selected a party, you can decide which damage to view, and how you want it listed. More often than not, you will want to view damage information for your character, but you will want to examine damage information for other parties quite often.

With other log parsers it can be impossible to compare your combat performance to the performance of parties that you grouped with. Y.A.L.P. makes it very easy to compare combat performance, simply choose the common opponent and display his Defensive Damage by Party list. This list will show a summary of all damage that the opponent received, listed by the name of the party dealing the damage.


  • License: Open source.
  • Type: Desktop app (log file monitor).
  • Author: Mirox

Provides player location and spell tracking support for Project 1999 by reading the player log.
Auto spell cast timers and target tracking using spells_us.txt and associated duration calculation.
Shows maps based on eq client maps. Can add your own map files like you would if you were allowed to use the in-client map. Maps for nParse should be put in data/maps directory of the nParse folder.

Client Customization

These are all optional changes for p99.

EQLite Client Guide

"EQLite" Client Details:

  • This will create a 1.35GB client down from the 3.6GB Titanium Install
  • All Graphics, Sounds, Maps & Effects are in-tact
  • ONLY Classic, Kunark & Velious Zones were kept - all other zones were removed.
  • Keeps Plane of Time zone for the CTF event put on by server GM's (added 5-30-10)

See for full details.

Updating the UI / Spellgems

See also: Duxa
Classic Spell Icons

See Savok's excellent guides:

And other UI's that the community has made:

Nysus/Xevin Custom Character Textures

Nysus Xevin Example upgraded DE Male Plate and Face Texture (Old on left, new on right)

Please note: This project is no longer available and work has been continuted here EQ Classic HD.

I've been thinking of doing a player texture update for a while now. I love the classic look of the models, but the textures make me cringe. I extracted them and some are a microscopic 32x64! It got me thinking about redoing them in a higher resolution now that the client can actually handle larger texture sizes. I did a little digging and found that the SoV armor textures were a 2x increase in size. I think I want to do them at 4x the classic size. To test it out I made a demo using a monk wearing full monk armor. For the test I didn't stick to the classic texture 100% because I felt the SoV armor textures had some better qualities to it.

Note: This project is making brand new textures by hand which closely resemble the old textures, not just upscaling to higher resolution.

For more details see:

Psycher Custom Character Textures

I've re-textured the character files in two different style and methods.

  • Project 1: Realistic but better clarity
  • Project 2: HQx3 Cartoon / cell shaded look

For more information see: [3]

Installing Larger Textures

I know most people prefer this classic server to appear 100% classic, and although the blurry nostalgic memories of bad textures are nice for a bit, I have found a way to upgrade your textures which significantly improve your visual experience.

A lot of people have the idea that EQ Titanium already comes with the new textures (I believe Lucin brought these new textures) However, they do not for whatever reason (probably to save space, the new zone files are much bigger in file size)

From 2001: "EverQuest was first released in 1999 with low-resolution 32x32 textures. EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin will feature 256x256 textures, with some as large as 512x512. The higher-resolution textures will make the game's online fantasy world look more detailed and lifelike. Sony also released new screenshots showing off some of the game's environments using the higher-resolution textures. " -

So how does one get these new textures?

Using Velious Armor Textures pre-Velious

By overwriting a set of files in your EQ directory you can force the game to display all armor textures as their Velious equivalents (see Players:Fashion).

This is reversible.

Fixing Transparent Textures

Main article: Texture Patcher
Examples of Transparent Texture Fix

Note: Apparently this texture fix is not compatible with the high-res texture change above.

Ever notice half elf visors are sealed shut? Eye of Zomm is black? These issues and many more can be fixed [4]. kanras and nilbog fixed all known texture issues - releasing the executable and relevant patcher so you can enjoy what has been corrected to date. Original credit goes to Ropethunder for creating the transpfx.exe file.

Other notable fixes:

  • Plate chest pieces having black spots - half elves, dark elves, etc.
  • Certain player models having black spots in hair or faces - high elf female, dark elf male.
  • Many, many models having black feet.
  • Black spots on sand giants, snow orcs, dragon wings, qeynos hills buildings.
  • Transparency issues for pegasus wings, trakanon wings, felguard visors.
  • many more

To use:

  1. Download
  2. Extract patch_s3d_textures.bat and transpfx.exe into your \Everquest folder
  3. Run patch_s3d_textures.bat file
  4. Wait for it to finish
  5. Restart your Everquest client
  6. Enjoy

Known problem:

  • The female human plate helm shares the same texture as the male human plate helm but does not use transparency. As a result of enabling transparency for the male plate visor a small porthole has appeared in the back of the female plate helm.

Is this legal?

  • Yes. This includes no copyrighted files. It simply modifies your existing files.

Is this mandatory?

  • No. This is completely optional.

Can I use this for other EQemu servers?

  • Yes. Enjoy.

Using Luclin Character Models

Luclin Character Models have (attempted to) been permanently disabled by the P99 staff - you can no longer use them. (Without a bit of googling)

Luclin Character Model (Tattered Leather Druid)

Using the Luclin models not only grants you more faces to choose from, there are now more options in facial customization (as seen in my screenshot below).

Besides that, it enables high res character armor as well, so your armors will look much better than before.

See this guide:

Installing Updated Sounds

See also: Audio

See this guide:

These are Classic EQ sounds, you may have to repeat the process above After installing these sounds... Enjoy :)

Post-classic Spell Effects

See this guide:

Settings and other Tips

Automatically log all the time

Edit your EQClient.INI file, located in the EverQuest directory, to turn logging on automatically at boot-up.

  1. Open the eqclient.ini file in a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Find the line in the Defaults section that says Log=FALSE and
  3. change it to say Log=TRUE.
  4. Save the file.

Next time you boot up, your log file will automatically turn on.