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In EverQuest, a bank provides storage of heavy coin. Additional inventory space is also provided (for extra loot and backup gear). Bankers are NPCs (used much like merchants) to see stocked items and loot. All bankers are faction aligned, but can be accessed while feign death'd.


Zone NPC Location Notes Continent
Freeport Peran Silverfield (-34, -216) North Freeport Antonica
Freeport Soris Silverfield (-34, -230) North Freeport Antonica
Grobb Spinkit (453, -557) Antonica
Halas Kevon McTarnigal (199, 112) Antonica
High Keep Bank Clerk Jaylin (-29, -338) Antonica
Neriak Antian F`Lok (45, -916, -52) Neriak Commons Antonica
Oggok Ungral Silverstomp (-11, -262) Antonica
Qeynos Kendall Copperhold (339, -439) South Qeynos Antonica
Qeynos Sorn Copperhold (319, -439) South Qeynos Antonica
Qeynos Aqueducts Banker Javen (425, -322) Qeynos Catacombs in the Bertoxx area. Antonica
Rivervale Donlo Goobler (86, -173) Antonica
Runnyeye a goblin banker (13, 83) In the bottom sewage level near the King spawns. Antonica
Erudin Sahana Heartlyn (764, 834) Erudin Palace Odus
Erudin Tyrena Monosty (726, 856) Erudin Palace Odus
Erudin Wick Ashfield (783, 834) Erudin Palace Odus
Paineel Marsa Folor (1035, 716) Odus
Paineel Nadara Reloclen (1035, 740) Odus
Ak'Anon A Clockwork Banker (1348, -862) There are two Faydwer
Felwithe Banker Rylisan (-34, -441) North Felwithe Faydwer
Felwithe Banker Tintal (-50, -453) North Felwithe Faydwer
Kaladim Donnel Ratsbome (618, 194) North Kaladim Faydwer
Kelethin Banker Willaen (-195, 718) Faydwer
Cabilis Klok Margar (707, 45) East Cabilis Kunark
Cabilis Klok Rakra (707, 64) East Cabilis Kunark
Chardok Vault Master Shu`zo (-63, -124, -254.9) In Treasury Kunark
Firiona Vie Wella Fargin (-3327, 2661) Kunark
Firiona Vie Wellford Fargin (-3327, 2632) Kunark
Overthere Tin Banker I (2628, 2157) outpost Kunark
Overthere Tin Banker II (2642, 2168) outpost Kunark
Crystal Caverns Kramble Gemshard (-193, 299) Velious
Kael Drakkel Pollos Stormkeeper (-404, 1442) Velious
Kael Drakkel Weyen Stonetrader (-1679, 1908) Velious
Skyshrine Pyrox (568, -674) Found behind the secret page near Shrine zoneout to Cobalt Scar Velious
Thurgadin Gage (-319, 168) Velious
Thurgadin Mort (-319, 168) Velious