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Aviaks are a "bird men" race of creature found throughout Norrath. Below is a list of Aviak type monsters in p99 sorted by zone.


Aviaks, a birdlike race of humanoids, can be found throughout Norrath. From nests in the crags of the Butcherblock Mountains to village roosts on island archipelagoes in the Ocean of Tears to entire aviary cities on the plains of Karana, many different species of aviaks have carved out their homes.

As a rule, aviaks are not very aggressive toward other creatures. This trait, combined with their limited intelligence, makes them somewhat less than a serious threat to other civilized races. Aviaks can, however, become serious nuisances, if not outright threats, to outlying communities. They have little regard for (or perhaps little understanding of) territorial boundaries or ownership, happily foraging for food on a farmer's fields or even walking right into frontier homes in search of food. Aviaks have also been known to flock toward travelers and snatch anything brightly colored or glittery. Those who respond violently to the aviaks' actions find the normally unaggressive birdmen quite capable of defending themselves.

Aviaks are prolific breeders, which keeps their population high even in the face of conflict with other more intelligent and warlike races. They are also long-lived by human standards, some living two centuries or more. Avocets, the eldest among the aviaks, reach considerable size and physical prowess, even developing enough intelligence to become reasonable leaders of their tribes.

Aviaks vary in appearance, resembling crows, parrots, eagles and other birds.


Southern Karana

Plane of Sky

  • Island Five Various

Butcherblock Mountains

Steamfont Mountains

Timorous Deep

Lake Rathetear

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