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Character Classes

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There are fourteen total classes in EverQuest. Each class is separated into one of four archetypes: casters, melee, priests, and tanks.
To view a list of experience requirements for all class/race combinations, see this Sortable Matrix.





Class Titles

After level 50, each class acquires unique titles which are visible in /who.

Levels 1-50 Levels 51-54 Levels 55-59 Level 60
Bard Minstrel Troubadour Virtuoso
Cleric Vicar Templar High Priest
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant
Enchanter Illusionist Beguiler Phantasmist
Magician Elementalist Conjurer Arch Mage
Monk Disciple Master Grandmaster
Necromancer Heretic Defiler Warlock
Paladin Cavalier Knight Crusader
Ranger Pathfinder Outrider Warder
Rogue Rake Blackguard Assassin
Shadow Knight Reaver Revenant Grave Lord
Shaman Mystic Luminary Oracle
Warrior Champion Myrmidon Warlord
Wizard Channeler Evoker Sorcerer