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Quests are activities which players take part in in order to discover new characters, storylines, trigger events, or receive rewards such as plat or phat lewt. In classic EverQuest, the quest system was extremely simple, consisting of interacting with NPCs with /say dialog. The server parses the text from the player for certain keywords, which are prompted for by NPCs in their own dialog with identifying square brackets. Sometimes the proper keywords are discovered in prompts from different NPCs than the ones who receive the keyword and/or come in from other segments of a quest, or on the tail-end of another quest. In a few rare cases, the keywords are not identified at all, and the player must rely on other context or documentation from other players in the community.

Some quests or quest segments feature a turn-in. This involves left-clicking on an NPC with an item or money to open the Give Window. Some combination of items and/or money may be required to complete the quest, but the Give Window will not help the player by identifying what's required, nor will the interface stop the player from giving unnecessary or wrong items. Questing players must take great care to understand exactly what the requirements are for every quest they undertake. Some turn-ins need to receive all items in a single Give Window action, but others may be completed in iterations, possibly with inputs from multiple players. These iterative-completion quests are called "multiquestable". For information about multiquesting see Multiquest.

Except for a few scripted events, quests generally do not have time limits. Quests also are not tracked in the user interface in any way, nor is quest progress stored on the server in any explicit fashion. Instead, longer quests often make use of items (such as notes or letters) which the player must keep and give to the next NPC, dialog keywords as described above, or in some cases in epic quests, through faction adjustments to track a player's progress through the quest. Many times, these mechanics can be exploited to skip parts of a long quest, such as grinding True Spirit faction to skip parts of the Shaman Epic Quest, or using the knives dropped in the Rogue Epic Quest to skip some of the subquests there.

Compared to modern MMOs, the quality, variety, and reward-risk ratio of quests in EverQuest is quite low. (Which is somewhat ironic given the name of the game.) Players will find that simply grinding experience by killing thousands of mobs in static camps in dungeons or other zones will progress their character's power much faster and greater than focusing on completing quests. The Epic Quests patch in mid-Kunark provided players with a taste of high-quality quest content involving raid targets, long storylines, and witheringly long rare spawn camps. Velious would bring dozens of armor quests with exceptional rewards for all classes which encouraged an active raid scene. EverQuest would improve its quest content as well as its interface dealing with quests in competition with other MMOs which expanded this important model of gameplay.

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/notes Command

A good way to keep track of quests in game is to use the /note function to write down items you need.

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