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Mayong Mistmoore by Derek Herring

This is one big list of all the NPCs that the wiki knows about. You may be more interested in one of the subcategories...

In general, NPCs (non-player characters) are grouped into the following categories:

  • Named Mobs: A named mob is usually recognizable by the proper capitalization of his name and/or 'The" in front of his name rather than "A" or "An". For example, "a fire beetle" is not a named, while "The Tangrin" is probably a named. Named mobs usually have higher hitpoints than common mobs of the same level, and should generally be regarded as under-cons. They also drop armor, weapons, and other items of interest used to upgrade your player's equipment.
  • Raid Encounters: These are high level, boss type mobs that require more than a single group of six players to defeat. They drop the most prized equipment in Everquest and represent some of the most challenging PvE (player vs. environment) encounters.
  • Merchants: These shopkeepers buy and sell goods from players. Each will have a "permanent" inventory of goods they normally sell. In addition, any items that other players have sold to that merchant will be available for purchase. Note that although merchants will attack you if your faction is sufficiently bad (kill on sight), they are generally not meant to be killed, and doing so will not net any experience nor a corpse with any lootable items.

Note: The exact mob stats (HPs, level, maximum hit, etc) do not always reflect the actual mob stats on P99. They are based on the public PEQ database which is very far from classic and even live for that matter. They will become more accurate over time as players add/update info. Nilbog has posted a source that was used for P99 which is a list of most of the npcs with HP/levels from a showeq gather in the kunark era. It is recommended to visit that source (and feel free to make corrections here!) if you want to get mob hp/level. -


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