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Ring 8 Player Agreement

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Coldain Ring 8 Roll Player Agreement on P99

The quest to acquire the eighth Coldain ring (Velium Coldain Insignia Ring) involves a significant scaling bottleneck wherein one player must trigger (and succeed at winning) an event, enabling the next step in the quest. The respawn timer for the triggering mob is 24 hours, essentially meaning one player may attempt this step in the quest each day. Due to this bottleneck, a roll has been established at which interested players will roll and the winner of the roll is the player that gets to make the attempt. Hence: the ring 8 roll. Below are details of the player-made agreement governing the roll and event attempt.

Since the encounter can be difficult, the roll happens earlier than the triggering spawn appears in order for the winning player to recruit help and for that help to arrive. The winning player should turn in to the triggering mob immediately upon spawning, otherwise the turn-in time will shift later and later.

P99 Agreement Details

ShadyGoblin GM enforce.PNG
  • The ring 8 roll time will be established the day after an earthquake by those present, approximately a half hour before the time of the quake. The roll will remain at that time until the next earthquake.*
  • Players will /random 1000 and the highest dice number roll wins.
  • Time limit to roll is 30 seconds from the first player roll, to prevent players from having the opportunity to switch to a second character and roll again.
  • Players must honor their roll and turn in themselves within 2 minutes of Gloradin spawning. After that point, any player present may turn in to trigger the encounter.
  • The player who wins the roll must also loot Chief Ry`Gorr's Head. Winning the roll to sell ring 8 MQ is against this agreement.
  • Turning in, or looting Chief Ry`Gorr's Head if NOT roll winner will be petitioned, as per the current player agreement (to be handled by GMs)
  • Attacking, casting on, or aggroing Gloradin will be petitioned, as per the current player agreement (to be handled by GMs)
  • In the case of tie winning rolls, the involved players will /random 1000 again, until a winner is decided.
  • In the case of Daylight Savings, the ring roll shall be moved by 1 hour to maintain the integrity of the Roll to Gloradin spawn timer. The roll time/spawn time above should be updated by 1 hour to reflect this change.


/Blue Current ring 8 roll time: 11:22 PM EST -- Updated for 8/6 quake

Blue Current Gloradin Spawn Time: 12:00 AM EST -- Updated on 8/10


Green Current ring 8 roll time: 9:30 AM EST -- Updated for 8/6 quake

Green Current Gloradin spawn time: 10:01:53 AM ET -- Updated 8/11