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Skill Archery

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The skill that governs the use of bow-type ranged weapons.


Brief Overview

Archery damage depends on DEX the SAME way melee attack damage depends on STR. STR has no effect on archery damage.

ATK has exactly the same importance for archery that it has for melee.

However, str doesn't change archery atk, only dex does.

REMINDER : the ATK value shown in EQ is the MAIN HAND MELEE ATK only, and does not apply to offhand nor to archery. off hand and archery atk are calculated the same way that main hand atk is calculated, but use their own values for skill ( slashing/piercing/archery) and for stat ( str used also for off hand, but dex for archery).

Items that increase ATK do influence archery ATK

Dex affects critical hit rate for archery.

Procs and critical hits are based on dex for both melee and archery.

Critical hit rates for archery on war and rngs = critical hit rates on melee for war (Rangers Archery Crit Hit at Level 17+)

Haste affects bow delay the same way it effects melee.

But archery uses one more kind of haste, stacking with the others : quiver haste (QH). It follows the same rules than all the other kinds of haste : only the best QH is used if more than one apply. To have a QH, you just need to have a Weight Reducing quiver in your inventory.

QH = WR of the quiver / 3.

Damage Calculation

To Calculate the damage of your bow... first note the bow and arrows damage/delay

Then add bow damage and arrow damage and arrow damage together, and the same thing applies for delay (well, in fact delay = bow delay because all arrows should have 0 delay. I'll verify once i'm in game).

The fact is damage calculation does not work the same on archery and on melee, but the difference is simple : with a given weapon damage, archery will do 2 times less damage than melee.

Meaning a 20damage bow with a 2 dmg arrow will do the same damage than a 11 dmg weapon.

Archery Damage Formula: ((bow dmg + arrow dmg) /2)

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