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Project 1999 Red (PvP) Launched: Friday, Nov 18, 2011

Server Information

As we come closer to the testing and release of a Project 1999 based PvP Server, it is about time we started posting some official information and details about the server. The following is information that has been decided upon so far.


Expansion: The PvP Server will be released with Classic only, with a max level of 50.

Legacy Items: Legacy items such as Manastone, Guise of the Deceiver, and etc will be dropping at the release of the server.

Timeline: The timeline for the PvP server will be slightly faster than the original EQLive and P99Live timelines, but will still be at the discretion of management when certain features will be unlocked.

Experience Gain: Experience speed/gain will be the same as it is on the main Project 1999 Server.

PvP Rulesets

The server will be FFA with a +/- 8 Level spread. This means a level 30 can engage in PvP with players level 22 to 38.

Dynamic Level Range

The server will be using a dynamic level range system. Any actions towards another player will increase your dynamic pvp range to match that player's spread. For example: A level 30 player attacking a level 32 player will increase the range they can be attacked by from 22 to 40.

Anything outside the +/- 8 Levels does not mean you will be able to attack players outside that range. It will only mean you can be attacked by players within the new range. However, If a player outside your 'natural' spread decides to attack you, they will in return also have their own range changed in the same fashion, making them attackable by you.

This change is immediete. For a melee attack it will happen as soon as you swing at the other player. For any spells, the change will be immediete upon the start of a spell cast. This also applies to beneficial spells.

For more information, examples, and discussions related to the dynamic level system, see [thread that I need to create and link here lols].

Minimum Level

PvP will start at level 2. However, level 1s will be pvp enabled outside city zones.

Rules carried over from Project 1999

Boxing: The boxing rules will remain in effect. You may only be playing one character at a time on the PvP Server.

Can I play one character on each server at the same time?

Yes, You can have one character loaded on Project 1999 (Blue), and one character loaded on Project 1999 PvP at the same time. As long as you do not have more than one loaded on the same server.

Will IP Exemptions carry over?

This is a work in progress, but IP Exemptions and anything else account related will carry over.

Play Nice

Training will not be allowed and if caught will be harshly punished.

Kill stealing will not be an offense on the PvP Server, and may be used against other players even in situations where the players can not directly attack eachother. A higher level may chose to grief a lower level out of a camp, but be thankful he isn't able to kill you instead and move along.

Bind Camping will not be an offense on the PvP Server, however it will be frowned upon by the staff and in some situations may be intervened.

Inappropriate Language will not be allowed in public channels. We realize that tensions can rise between players and some may feel the need to express them, but we ask that you restrain yourselves from using public channels. The following channels are considered public: Say, OOC, Shout, Auction. Players will receive warnings and subsequent suspensions for violations. If a player is being rude to you in tells you are to ignore the player, we will not act on inappropriate tells.

Raid Rules

There will be no raid rules. We will not be enforcing any first to engage or claim rights. Raids are to resolve their disputes via communication and/or PvP. Kill stealing is allowed.

Ninja Looting

In a situation where a corpse is waiting to be unlocked for a player to loot the corpse with the permission of the player who was merited the kill, it will be against the rules for any other player to loot that corpse without permission. This is to prevent players outside a PvP level range from ninja looting. If the corpse is otherwise abandoned (if a group or raid is wiped out in the process of slaying the mob(s)), the corpse is open to be looted by anyone when possible.

PvP Penalties

XP Loss: There will be a reduced unrezzable experience loss for every PvP Death. (You may still be revived back to your corpse, but it will have an 8 minute timer.)

Coin Loot: Coin loot will be in place.

Item Loot: Item loot will currently not be in place, however this may be subject to change as we consider alternative item loot mechanics.

PvP Deaths: Upon a PvP Death you will respawn with no mana and half health. You will have an effect on you called "PvP Death Effects". This buff is beneficial and may be clicked off at any time, however it is in place to prevent further XP Loss from PvP Deaths. This buff will remain on until any of the following conditions are triggered:

  • You make any aggressive action towards another player.
  • You cast a Heal or Buff on another player.
  • You loot any corpse.
  • You remove any item from your bank.

Server Ruleset Changes

Introduced on the Oct 29, 2011 beta patch.

  • PvP Range is now scaled as follows:
    • Levels 1 to 19: 4 Levels
    • Levels 20 to 39: 6 Levels
    • Levels 40+: 8 Levels
    • Combat will be allowed based on the lower level player's pvp range.
  • The Dynamic System has been disabled.
  • In addition to a red name, conning a player will now indicate if they are attackable by giving a faction of threateningly instead of indifferently.
  • You should now be able to dispell your own pet.
  • The following zones are now FFA PvP (They contain no PvP Level Limit):

Introduced in subsequent patches.

  • Plane of Fear is now open.
  • EXP Bonus scaling has been added. The Bonus will scale from 100% at Level 1 to 0% at Level 50. (100 - (Level * 2)).
  • The legacy era rule has been turned off.
  • The Plane of Hate is now available.
  • The Temple of Solusek Ro is now available.
  • Global OOC has been enabled. You must be level 10 to send messages.
  • Binding has been disabled in FFA Zones.
  • The Hole and related content is now available [1].

Further changes in later patches.

  • EXP Loss on PvP Death has been removed.
  • XP Bonus has been bumped up to 1.5 from 1.25.
  • A basic world announcement has been added for PvP Deaths

Item changes on the Oct 8,2013 patch:

[PvP Only] Item clicks which may no longer be used against players

  • Al`Kabor's Cap of Binding
  • Blazing Wand
  • Death Scarab Gland
  • Drake-Hide Amice
  • Earring of Displacement
  • Ivandyr's Hoop
  • Raiment of Thunder
  • Rain Caller
  • Red Wood Wand
  • Rod of Drones
  • Rod of Malisement
  • Scepter of the Forlorn
  • Trakanon's Tooth
  • Wand of Conflagration
  • Wand of Darkness
  • Wand of Ice
  • Wand of Mana Tapping
  • Wand of Souls
  • Wand of Swords
  • Wooly Spider Silk Net

[PvP Only] Items have cast times added

  • Circle of Stones - 3 seconds
  • Golem Metal Wand - 4 seconds
  • Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap - 3 seconds
  • Lizard Blood Potion - 3 seconds
  • Vial of Swirling Smoke - 3 seconds
  • Prayers of Life - 2 seconds
  • Bladestopper - 2.5 seconds
  • Shiny Brass Idol - 1 second
  • Iron Scroll of War - 3 seconds

[PvP Only] The following items may only be clicked by the appropriate class

  • SoulFire may only be clicked by paladins.
  • Reaper of the Dead may only be clicked by shadow knights.

FFA Zone Additions on the Friday, July 14th, 2017 patch: