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Arreken Skyward

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Arreken Skyward
Arreken Skyward
Race: Drake
Class: Warrior
Level: 62
Zone: Temple of Veeshan
Location: 100% @ (-970, -499)

AC: 527
HP: 21000 (15)
Damage per hit: 144 - 343
Attacks per round: 2 (80%)
Special: See Invis, See Hide


Arreken guards the middle area of the Temple of Veeshan where the different wings split off.

You say, 'Hail Arreken Skyward'

Arreken Skyward says, 'Do not tread to the halls behind me mortals. Beyond this point is the holy shrine dedicated to Veeshan. You have no business beyond here unless you wish to simply lose your life.'

Known Loot

  • None


Opposing Factions

Related Quests

  • None