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Auld Lang Syne

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Auld Lang Syne

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"The lust and glamour of pixels will entrap them and at the end of their days they will feel empty and sorrowful, wishing they had rightfully earned their way to glory" - Artelius, circa April 2017

"out in the icy wastelands there aint no friendlies" - Gnaryl, circa June 2018

Welcome to the wiki page of Auld Lang Syne on p99! We are a group of people who believe in playing the game in a way that promotes cooperation, camaraderie and both guild and personal achievement in a friendly, social atmosphere. Our guild members work with each other to obtain equipment and progress without the reliance of being "carried" through by higher level players or power leveling. That camaraderie manifests itself in our bustling closed guild economy, Guild-only raids and crawls. Auld Lang Syne provides a true free market economy, unaffected by rampant server mudflation, which results in twinking past the glorious content we Auldtimers get to enjoy. So, get creative when wheeling and dealing!

Auld Lang Syne is also a proud member of the Sanctum Alliance, a group of guilds with extremely talented and hard-working players that come together to achieve great things. The Auld Lang Syne Charter (below) will always supersede the Alliance Charter, in that, ALS will never withdraw from the alliance bank, trade with members from alliance guilds, or accept any form of tips/donations from alliance members. We will give every last ounce of blood, sweat and tears, and loot only that which we have helped kill...Will you join the fight?

If interested, please scroll down and thoroughly read our Charter, noting any questions you may have, posting them to our new_blue_applicants channel on Discord along with a brief narrative of yourself, your EQ experience, and why and how you came to find <Auld Lang Syne>.

NOTE - to ensure progression by the ALS charter as much as possible, our level maximum for joining is 15  

<Auld Lang Syne> Charter

1. Code of Conduct

  (a) It is of utmost importance that all members of <Auld Lang Syne> be respectful of fellow guild mates, other players on the 
         server, and of our Charter tenets.   This includes respecting people's time.
  (b) Offensive speech and excessive vulgarity in-game or in discord is intolerable and conduct unbecoming of an ALS member
  (c) ALS members cannot accept powerlevelling, and must leave groups that are being powerlevelled
  (d) ALS members must adhere to p99's  "play nice policy", or 
          face immediate removal from the guild
  (e) If granted the ALS tag, you instantly begin to represent the entire guild, not just yourself.  As p99 is such a small, tight-knit community,
         the bad behavior of ONE member can sully our reputation with the server, and will not be tolerated.
  (f) Account sharing of ALS characters for the purpose of their advancement/loot is prohibited; accomplishments and gear are to be 
         earned by the human owners of their ALS toons.

2. Economy

  (a) Except for a vendors' normal stock after a server reset, items cannot be purchased from outside the guild
         i. Items include, but are not limited to, equipment, spells, containers and reagents (see 2(m), (n) re tradeskill/research mats)
         ii. Items can only be sold to ALS members or NPC vendors 
  (c) All gear/money is earned through quests, killing mobs, or trade/services to ALS members (ports, rezzes,)
         i.  Only those toons at/contributing to an ALS event are eligible for loot; no switching toons for loot rights.
  (d) +6 Level Rule (Not Applicable to 55+ toons): Buyers must be within 6 levels of the lowest level mob that drops the item OR the lowest level PH for said mob, WHICHEVER IS HIGHER
       ex: Iksar Berserker Club, Cloak of Shadows.  NOTE - This rule also applies to tradable quested items where a higher level PH generally must be killed to complete
              the quest e.g. the Wurmslayer (Gullerback) Check the Wiki or ask in blue_bazaar if you're not sure! 
  (e) With exceptions for 3(d), 4(g), items (incl crafted) and plat earned on one ALS toon cannot be sold/moved to your ALS alt(s)
  (f) Gear/loot you earn on your own or in PUGs can be given to a non-ALS toon, but cannot return
  (g) Items won at an ALS/Alliance Raid cannot leave the guild, however, donations to the Alliance bank ARE allowed
  (h) vendor-bought or foraged consumables CAN be accepted from PUGs for use in that PUG; must pay cost if from a vendor
  (i) Tradeable quest items (incl 100% ALS-sourced Efreeti PoSky items) can be traded/sold within guild;  subject to the +6 level rule.
  (j) It is the responsibility of both the BUYER and SELLER to verify an item (dropped or crafted) against the +6 level rule
  (k) Items should be reasonably priced for their level to obtain, but should not be sold for less than what an NPC vendor will pay.
  (l) All Multi-questing is prohibited
  (m) Tradeskill/research mats can be purchased from NPC vendors
  (n) Tradeskill/research mats can only be sold/traded within the guild or to NPC vendors .
  (o) The importation of tradeskill materials from non-ALS toons for personal use or for sale, is prohibited
  (p) Looting of items dropped on the ground or left on corpses by other players is prohibited 
  (q) Dropped spells can be sold to members within 6 levels of scribing the spell OR within 6 levels of a mob known to drop the spell
  (r) item recharging is allowed within the guild only

Penalties for Equipment/Trade Violations:

         1) Item(s) forfeited  and first and only formal warning given
         2) Any subsequent violation may result in dismissal from the guild , at Guild Leadership's discretion.

3. Crafting/Tradeskill Guidelines

  (a) If a crafted item requires a specific spell , the required level for the spell also becomes the "level" of the finished 
         product and is subject to the +6 level rule

EX: Enchant Gold is a level 24 spell, so a Jasper_Gold_Earring can be sold to a guild mate who is level 18+ (24-6).

  (b) If a crafted item requires material(s) dropped from mobs, then the +6 level rule applies, using the highest level 
         mob as the reference point.

EX: Halfling cultural Imbued Vale items require High Quality Brute Hides, which can drop from mobs as low as level 22, resulting in a minimum purchase level of 16

  (c) You cannot compensate the crafter with any other toon than the one who will be wearing the equipment.
  (d) Tradeskill combines by your ALS toon(s) for your ALS alt(s) are permitted, but the alt(s) must provide all mats, and the transaction facilitated by an Officer.
  (e) Determining the price of a crafted item is up to the seller and buyer, but the absolute minimum must be the price what an NPC 
         vendor would pay for an item. If a vendor price is not available for the finished product, or when selling consumable items 
          created via Alchemy, use the total cost of raw materials as a minimum price
  (f) Minimum price for crafted items are what a vendor will pay for them.
  (g) Use of non-ALS Aegis crafters for item combines is allowed, as long as no ALS crafters are available and we provide 100% of our own materials.
  (h) You can help non-ALS with trivial combines only, but cannot accept tips for doing them.
  (i) The +6 level rule applies to enchanting bars (for all purposes); your character must be within 6 levels of the enchantment spell:

Level 8: Enchant Silver

Level 16: Enchant Electrum

Level 24: Enchant Gold

Level 29: Imbue 'Gem'

Level 34: Enchant Platinum

Level 49: Enchant 'Metal'

  (j)  Alchemy items have a minimum level of 19 (skill unlocks at 25)

4. Misc/Ports/Buffs

  (a) You may seek help from higher level players with loot/quest mobs, subject to the following limitations so as to not trivialize content:

from 1-10, anyone within +5 levels of you (p99 grp xp mechanic)

from 11-20, anyone within +1.5x levels of you

from 21-45, anyone within +10 levels of you

46+ no restrictions

  (b) Faction assistance via wolf form/charm is allowed without level restriction within the guild
  (c) In-zone buff requests are tolerated, but not to be abused or exorbitant (don't continue to request); leaving your zone seeking them elsewhere is not.
  (d) Requests for ports / rezzes / binds from non-ALS can only be made within your current zone (or wherever your corpse is), or from your friends.
         i. No tells to random porters/clerics.
        ii. Donations as close to or at the normal server rates are strongly encouraged
       iii. No restrictions against taking ports from in-zone taxi services à la <Dial-A-Port>
  (f) ALS members can and should help non-ALS in need of ports, rezzes, etc, however, we must politely decline all tips
         i. Port-selling is strictly prohibited
  (g) ALS-tagged mules are allowed (1+ per played toon is OK),  but cannot level past 5, and cannot accept items until level 5
         i. Commingling of items/plat  on 1 mule from multiple ALS 'played' toons is  prohibited 
  (h) A maximum of 2 guests (anyone non-ALS) per ALS raid/event are permitted, but are ineligible to roll on loot vs ALS members
  (i) Summoned item usage is restricted to the p99 group xp mechanic, OR to within 6 levels of the spell if ungrouped.  Cannot accept summoned items from non-ALS, ungrouped mages

5. Guild Progression

In October 2016, Auld Lang Syne rose from the ashes of it's short-lived predecessor, Ways of Yore. When ALS was formed, our goals remained set on the old world zones of Odus, Antonica, Faydwer and Kunark (opened under WoY in September 2016), and then expanded to Velious in January 2017. This has allowed members flexibility in tradeskill progression, economic advancement, outfitting themselves, and to generally remain competitive and engaged in all the content available to the rest of the server. We have went on to kill our first Phinigel Autropos in July 2017 as our first ever 100% ALS boss mob encounter, have completed several epics , and joined the Hydra Alliance August 2017. Hydra dissolved in June 2018 and reformed into Aegis, still consisting of several guilds which band together for larger scale challenges like the Planes of Sky/Hate/Fear, Kael Plate House/Arena, and ToV Halls of Testing. Aegis uses a Raid Attendance Points (RAP) system, which works very well with the ALS charter, in that, we will only loot what we have contributed in killing, and RAP is a way of tracking those contributions.

6. Recruitment

While everyone interested in joining the guild is encouraged to roll a new character, anyone level 15 or under with only starting/newbie gear (subject to inspection) can apply for membership. *All equipment which appears to voilate our +6 level rule must be moved to a non-ALS toon prior to joining, a transfer that your inviting Officer can facilitate**"

If you're ready to join the fight, please post your interest in our new_blue_applicants channel. This should include how/why you came to find Auld Lang Syne, your relevant EQ/MMO experience, and your absolute commitment to adhere to the Charter's tenets.

Good hunting, and thank you for your interest!

- Rainik

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DISCLAIMER: While the Auld Lang Syne Charter captures the essence of how we progress as a guild, there will undoubtedly be situations that arise where charter policies must be further clarified, amended, and/or created to properly address the situation. Any major changes will be be discussed by Guild Leadership and announced here in discord.

Violations of specific rules of the Charter undermine the spirit of the guild, our reputation among the server community, and are grounds for removal from Auld Lang Syne. Additionally, general conduct unbecoming of a member of Auld Lang Syne would also constitute removal from the guild. Not all situations stemming from a complex game environment can be fully anticipated, so Guild Leadership has unilateral discretion when interpreting, applying and modifying these rules to more clearly define our Guild's direction.

A link to our Discord Channel for applications can be found here:


Guild Leader: Rainik

Guild Leader: Salal | Ssrai

Senior Officer: Snails | Harson

Officer: Vanenia | Tengri

Junior Officer: Rolyn | Vikrn | Redyn