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Bandit Sashes

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Chesgard Sydwen
Start Zone: South Qeynos
Quest Giver: Chesgard Sydwen
Minimum Level: 9
Classes: All
Related Zones: West Karana
Related NPCs: a bandit, a brigand, a highwayman, a raider



  • A bronze weapon
  • Coin (4,5-15 gold)
  • Faction


Chesgard Sydwen, in the house of thunder, is willing to reward those who help eliminate the bandits in the Karanas. Bring him a Bandit Sash and he will give you xp (about one blue to a 12 bard), faction, some decent gold and a bronze weapon.

Upon handing in a sash:

Chesgard Sydwen says, 'Good work Bard . The Karana Bandits have been plaguing the Rainkeepers flock for some time. Take this as a small reward for your devotion. Continue the fight against the Karana Bandits. Ahh... I wish [Cheslin] was equally as skilled.'

You gain experience!!

Exp Gain

Wood Elf Warrior

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
14 3.82% 11
15 3.21% 16

Gnome Enchanter

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
16 2.65% 22
17 2.34% 25
18 2.09% 18