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Book of Turmoil Quest

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Lokar To`Biath
Start Zone: Neriak Third Gate
Quest Giver: Lokar To`Biath
Minimum Level: 40
Classes: Paladin
Related Zones: Neriak Commons
Related NPCs: Rysva To`Biath



Find Lokar To`Biath in the library of the 3rd Gate at +895, -1245.

At the end of the quest "Bottle of Red Wine"...

Lokar To`Biath says 'Ah, yes, let me pray to our god.. Yes, Innoruuk has given me wisdom. A Scribe of Dal still exists, disguised as a barkeep in the Blind Fish. This information will not help you though, for she has sworn a [vow] of silence and will not speak of the Dal.'

You say, 'who is innoruuk?'

Lokar To`Biath says 'I am his scribe, and He is our god. There is nothing else to be said.'

You say, 'what vow?'

Lokar To`Biath says 'Break the vow? She might. Were you to tithe 70 gold to your god, Innoruuk, he might aid you.'

Hand 70gp to Lokar.

Lokar To`Biath says 'Take this note to the Scribe of Dal, and perhaps she will break her vow.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Note. It is written in Teir'dal and says...

Rysva, I urge you to break your vow of silence and renounce the dead D'al! Join those who follow Innoruuk, and do his will!
Innoruuk shall crush those who do not follow him, but if you aid this person and give him that which he seeks, I am sure you will be forgiven and might then join me!
- your brother, Lokar

Rysva To'Biath is a female barkeep in the Blind Fish Tavern in Neriak Commons. Give her the note from her brother.

Rysva To`Biath says 'Take this note and be gone with you.'

You gain experience!!

She gives you another Note, also written in Teir'dal, that says..

I will not break my vow of silence, so I give you this note that you might read it.
I will give you that which you seek, the Book of Turmoil, but first you must slay my brother, for he has revealed who I truly am.
I will never follow Innoruuk, and am forever a Scribe of D'al. Bring me the head of my brother and return to me this note.
In return, I shall give you the book of Turmoil, one of the books in the Tome of Ages.
If you need any other of these books restored, I will do so for 1000 platinum

She wishes you to return to Lokar and slay him.

Lokar To`Biath says 'Come and feel the blade of the Dark Bargainers.'

You have slain Lokar To`Biath!

Lokar To`Biath's corpse says 'The death of a Dark Bargainer never goes unnoticed!'

Loot Dark Elf Decapitated Head. Hand the Head and the Note to Rysva.

Rysva To`Biath says 'Take this book and be gone with you.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Book of Turmoil, one of the books in the Tome of Ages Quest.