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Bottle of Red Wine

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Lokar To`Biath
Start Zone: Neriak Third Gate
Quest Giver: Lokar To`Biath
Minimum Level: 1+
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: Lokar To`Biath



Must be Apprehensive to Dark Bargainers

Find Lokar To`Biath in the library of the 3rd Gate at +895, -1245. Responded to hails as an indifferent agnostic DE enchanter.

You say, 'Hail, Lokar To`Biath.'

Lokar To`Biath says, 'I am the Scribe of Innoruuk. If you do not have business with me, begone!'

You say, 'Are you a Scribe of Dal?'

Lokar To`Biath says 'The Scribes of Dal? All of them are long since [dead].. or at least most would say that.'

You say, 'Why are they Dead?'

Lokar To`Biath says 'Perhaps, perhaps not. I cannot remember, but perhaps Innoruuk would help me remember should you tithe him a bottle of red wine from the Blind Fish.'

Give him a single Red Wine. It can be from anywhere, not just the Blind Fish. The nearest bar might be the Cuisine Excelsior, which is also conveniently devoid of hostile patrons. (Note for p99: Giving 4 bottles results in 4 rewards, as of 01-02-2020)

Lokar To`Biath says 'Ah, yes, let me pray to our god.. Yes, Innoruuk has given me wisdom. A Scribe of Dal still exists, disguised as a barkeep in the Blind Fish. This information will not help you though, for she has sworn a [vow] of silence and will not speak of the Dal.'

You gain experience!!

Note: This is one of the best quests to gain faction with the Dark Bargainers (Neriak Residents) and with Dreadguard Outer and Dreadguard Inner as it boosts the factions without giving you faction loss with anyone else. 151 turn-ins will take an Iksar Necromancer or Shadow Knight from scowling to dubious with the Neriak guards. It took between 401 and 460 turn-ins to get an Iksar Monk to dubious, without any other faction work. The experience reward is roughly 1/40th of a blue bubble at level 3, so the experience benefits quickly diminish.
It took 900 turn ins to get a Tunare worshipping wood-elf ranger to dubious with the inner guards.
Meanwhile, 540 hand-ins was still not enough to take a wood-elf rogue to dubious with the guards even long after the citizens started to con warmly; it was about 700 turn-ins until the guards stopped wanting to murder her. Dark elves much really hate their woodland cousins...
26 turn ins brought Lokar To`Biath (the quest giver) from the bottom of Kindly to the bottom of Warmly, indicating that the quest likely gives +10 Dark Bargainers faction per turn in.

Note: With Velious the spell Form of the Great Bear allows shamans to do this quest or at least talk to him for turn-ins , If shamans try for this watch out for the clerics and shadow knights they will want to murder you. I started as warmly from a barbarian shaman so try this idea if you're into faction quest. Pexar Spiritweaver 3/22/16

Exp Gain

Dark Elf Mage (-10% Exp penalty)

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
1 8.3% 12
2 1.21%
3 1% 2-3 (Troll Shaman Innoruuk)
4 1% 5-6 (Troll Shaman Innoruuk)
7 less than 1% 640 total (gets to 21%) (Dark Elf Innoruuk) 128 full stacks + newbie note

Halfling Rogue Brell Serelis

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
1 11.11% 9
2 1.56% 64 (73 to level 3 total)
3 .54% 183 (247 to level 4 total)
4 .294% 340 -(( 587 to reach level 5 (aka 29.5 stacks))
5 .166% 600? ( 6 bottles = 1% xp)

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