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Brood of Di`Zok

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The Brood of Di'Zok is one of two factions of sarnaks found in Kunark, mostly based in Chardok. The Brood of Di'Zok is aligned closely with the Sarnak Collective, any faction hits with the brood will lower your faction with the Collective and vice-versa.

The Brood of Di'Zok are found in the zone of Chardok, where the prince, queen and overking can be found. Expect a long and arduous grind, as faction hits for killing goblins in Nurga and Droga are only 1 point per kill.

  • It takes 3900 hits from max KoS to ally. If you have never taken hits to the Di`Zok faction (never killed sarnaks) it will take much less time. An agnostic Dark Elf magician will get to dubious (non KOS) status with 309 hits (specifically 62 salts and 72 skins). One goblin killed is +1 faction. Turning in 2 salts or 1 skin into Herald Telcha at the Chardok entrance is a +3 adjustment. The faction adjustment for killing Warlord Skargus is +50.
Zones in which you can raise the faction Zones in which you can lower the faction
Quests you can do to raise the faction Quests you can do to lower the faction
  • none
Mobs you can kill to raise the faction Mobs you can kill to lower the faction