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Celestial Tranquility

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Fills your body with celestial power, increasing your attack, attack speed, and armor class for up to 18 secs (3 ticks).

Doesn't stack with some other ATK buffs such as Grim Aura, Firefist, and Strength of Nature.

Superficially stacks with spell haste (such as that cast by enchanters and shamans) but only the larger of haste effects will actually apply.

As other forms of spell haste, it will stack with worn haste and the Bards' Ervaj line of songs.


This spell is cast by NPCs only.


1 : Increase ATK by 40
5 : Increase Attack Speed by 40%
8 : Increase AC by 12
Mana 0 Skill
Casting Time 0.00 Recast Time 0.00
Fizzle Time 0.00 Resist Unresistable
Range Target Type Self
Spell Type Beneficial Duration 3 ticks
Cast on You
Cast on Other
Wears Off

Items with Spell Effect

  • Celestial Fists
    Celestial Fists
    Item 971.png

    Slot: HANDS
    AC: 15
    STR: +20 DEX: +10 STA: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +100
    SV FIRE: +10 SV DISEASE: +10 SV COLD: +10 SV MAGIC: +10 SV POISON: +10
    Required level of 46.
    Effect: Celestial Tranquility (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 50
    WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
    Class: MNK
    Race: HUM IKS