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A colony of ratmen in Dragon Necropolis


Chetari are a tribe of ratmen imbued with tremendous power by feasting on the remains of dragons found in the Dragon Necropolis on the frozen continent of Velious.

Chetari look innocent enough: humanoid rat-like creatures with pink paws, albino-white fur, and red eyes from long lives underground. They stand about 5 feet tall and move about on their rear legs; their forepaws are prehensile and often wield weapons.

Despite their simple appearance and their relation to other sorts of ratmen, the chetari have been imbued with the energies of the Dragon's Necropolis. The few scholars of magic who have survived visiting this remote and inhospitable burial site dragons speculate that the chetari have at one time feasted from the remains of the dragons there and thus become imbued with potent energies that make them nigh immortal. Other scholars claim that the dragon Zlandicar, who resides in the Necropolis imbued the chetari with some measure of his own power and thus the ratmen worship and serve him.

Chetari live in tribal units with a chieftain called a dominator. The power to rule the tribe, however, often truly lies with the dustshapers and deathbinders who gain audience with Zlandicar and communicate his will back to the chetari tribes.

Male chetari spend time at the forge, crafting high quality weapons made of velium. Their armorsmithing skills seem quite limited, though, or at least they do not care to make heavy armor, for they mostly wear leathers made by the young and female chetari from the skins of the large snakes they kill.

Chetari occasionally venture out into the farthest corners of Norrath, usually on missions to serve Zlandicar. Most of their time, however, is spent locked in a bitter war with the paebala, another tribe of ratmen who also claim the Dragon Necropolis as their home.

Chetari have their own language, but a few have managed to learn the Common tongue.

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