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Chops N Hops

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Chops N Hops, East Freeport

Meandering through dark alleyways, trudging through the mud past gypsy tents and idling Dark Elves certainly doesn't seem like the most welcoming way to approach a bar. However once you arrive at Chops n Hops it becomes clear there's nothing to be afraid of here. It's owned by the Tapper family, after-all, and they offer a great selection of all the classic favorites.

The patrons here are also much easier going than you might expect at first glance. Palatos Kynarn for example, a regular here, has only one purpose which is to drink Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale. Zenita D`Rin certainly looks like she could pack a punch, but she's only level 8 and just wants to play a card game in exchange for a little kiss. A little Innoruuk's Kiss of Death that is, of course. Canlan Talespinner also hangs around here, a warrior who wishes he were a bard. And then of course there's Guard Ranlan who has conveniently included a stop up at the bar counter here on his patrol route.

There's an oven here at Chops n Hops for the baking enthusiast, and also an upper level with Lynda Tapper selling another instance of all the Antonica classics.

City: East Freeport
NPCs: Nesin Tapper, Lynda Tapper, Palatos Kynarn, Zenita D`Rin, Canlan Talespinner, Guard Ranlan,
Tradeskill Facilities: Oven
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale
Chops N Hops, bar
Chops N Hops, warrior/bard man
Chops N Hops, upstairs