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From Haynar via:

Ok. Since there will be so many questions. Here are basics. 

A weak spell will have a strength of one. 
It will have this number of counters 90% of the time. 
10% of the time it will have 1 to 8 counters, random. 

A strength 2 spell has 1 or 2 counters 90% of time. 
The other 10% it will be random 1 to 8.

Thats the basic pattern. 


If a count 1 is in top slot, one cast of cancel magic will clear it. 

If a str 3 is top slot, str 2 in second slot, a single cancel magic wont clear slot 1. 
That single cast will start at top slot and remove one counter per buff until it clears a buff or goes thru them all. 

So in this case, one cast of cancel magic does nothing. Two casts clears slot 2. Three casts clears slot 1. 

Another case, imagine buffs that have these counters in buff slots 1 to 4:

1 3 2 1

First cast of cancel magic - slot 1 isgone.
Second casts, slot 4 gone. But slots 2 and 3 will also have counters remaining reduced by one. 
Third cast and slot 3 poofs.
Fourth cast and last slot is gone. 

Stronger dispell spells can remove more counters each pass, and can do multiple passes. 

No dispellable spell has more than 8 counters. A cancel magic(9) remove up to 9 counters per spell. And will always take out top dispellable. 


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