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Fan Art and Creative Works

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Dedicated to the creative musings of the Project 1999 community.


Promotional Videos

Pushing Back the Elves

The crackling of the fire did not register in the mind of the solitary scaled figure. Far down the rain pitter-pattered on the ground in the black night washing the filth of the city into the canals. The night was dark as clouds covered the moon and buildings were barely visible from the torches set outside their entrances casting shadows that danced across the walls.

Wet footsteps broke through the silence and as the lizardman opened his eyes he could see the smoke trickle out of the mouth of the small alcove that he had made his home. Moving to the edge of his camp the landscape opened up before him, painfully reminding him of the sorry state of his once great race. The tall powerful structure of the Tower of Death was the only impressive piece of architecture in view, the rest of West Cabilis looked bleak. Before him lay the canals leading to a pool and near that pool many merchants tents were set.

A few merchants still sat beneath their tent, huddled near a roaring fire peddling their wares which varied from cloth and rhino hide armor to fletching materials and general goods or for those heavy of coin, ivory weapons could be purchased to help smash your foes.

Fanart sarkhan roleplay.jpg

toddfx 3d worldmap

  • Ongoing project, see here and here to start.

I'm creating an entire 3D map of classic Norrath that I will eventually use for a camera flythrough animation inspires by the Game of Thrones intro. It will be set to the Everquest theme song, naturally. This project is VERY early in progress. I've probably spent at least 60 hours on it over the course of ~4 months, but likely have another 120 to go.

  • Q: But wait, why does everything look so small? Why does it look like I could easily walk across the whole map? Norrath is so much bigger!
  • A: I'm creating it in a sort of macro/compressed scale. It's sort of inspired by a combination of diorama building and tilt-shift photography. Basically, every zone is being boiled down to it's bare essentials. I'm taking the most distinguished features and baking them down into a bite-size piece of land. It is very much like a diorama in this sense.

Antonica and Faydwer base model (Autodesk Mudbox):

Toddfx terrain gray.jpg

After texturing (Photoshop/3Ds Max):

Toddfx terrain color LQ.jpg

Development frame (3Ds Max) looking over the Oasis of Marr and Northern Ro with EC and WC to the right, and SK Aviak village and NK bridge to the left, with HHK atop the mountain and Kithicor Forest just below.

Toddfx Norrath LookDev v01.jpg

toddfx 3d renderings

I'm a 3D artist by trade and by hobby, and have recently been obsessed with capturing scenes from Everquest with a little extra twist to them. To make my life easier, I have recruited the help of a piece of software called "3D Ripper DX" which monitors the graphics card and captures any 3D geometry and bitmap images that are sent through. From there I can load the fully texture mapped scenes up in 3D Studio Max and go to work on them.

My goal for these images was to bring a semi-realistic feel to the Norrath we all know and love so much. The realm contains some truly beautiful scenes, and I am curious to see what they might look like when taken to the next level of CG. I wanted to see how good of a result I could get using the painfully fragmented geometry and miniature sized textures used in the game. --toddfx (ref)

West Freeport:

Toddfx WestFreeport.jpg


Toddfx Highkeep-Render.jpg

Highkeep Interior:

Toddfx HK-Interior.jpg

Erudin Palace Fountain:

Toddfx Erudin-Fountain sm.jpg

toddfx Battle of the Bands (EQ Style)

A rather amazing full video production in the vain of the above renders. You have to see it to believe it: (ref)

Toddfx BattleOfTheBands.jpg

Xevin's Project 1999 Trailer

A rather ambitious project that, perhaps, will forever be a work in progress. (ref)

Xevin p99 logo.jpg

Xevin trailer Kaladim.jpg

Xevin's 3d renders

Taking the same approach as toddfx. (ref)

Xevin wfp gateguard.jpg

Xevin wfp gate.jpg

Porgat's Big Adventure

Hi folks Porgat is going to explore the world of project 1999. Porgat is a young ogre warrior with dreams of explorer the dangerous dungeons of Norrath. For this reason Porgat has decided the adventure he will take will be an adventure through the dungeons of Norrath whenever the option presents itself! Porgat's goals are big like himself. He is ready to take the challenge on with his training tunic and sword in hand! You can see a picture below of Porgat a stranger to combat just leaving Oggok.

Fanart porgats adventure.jpg

fraps/YouTube Videos

TODO: Add all of these to the Videos page.

Guilds and Raids:

Original Content:

EQ Music: Reimagined

EQ Music: Reimagined is a music project with the goal of "reimagining" the original MIDI Everquest music. Game composers today use much more sophisticated tools for music creation than back in the 1980's and 90's. With access to these tools, EQMR hopes to recapture the nostalgia of playing Everquest for the first time in 1999, but in the context of the modern gaming era.

Original Creator Info: Reddit user /u/remain_vigilant


Added on March 11th 2019

Link to original Reddit Post from /r/project1999: [1]

Listen to or Download the Songs

Link to SoundCloud Profile: EQ Music: Reimagined on SoundCloud

Installation for your Titanium Client by /u/remain_vigilant

Q: Anyone actually use these over the normal files? is that possible?

remain_vigilant: Yes. For a few themes, like the main login theme (or any theme that has an mp3 equivalent in the Titanium client or newer), all you have to do is rename the EQMR download to the same name as the file that is triggered in the game directory, and replace the music. To replace the old MIDI music, you actually need to find out loc coordinates of where the music is triggered in the game, figure out the radius of the music trigger, and create a new file telling the client where to trigger certain music themes.


I've actually been replacing the MIDI music with my own files, but you have to manually do every single MIDI, and it takes a long time. I've gotten Kelethin, Crushbone entrance, and Rivervale to work perfectly, so far. It's a massive undertaking. I would probably need to make a video showing the community how to do it. If I can get more people to collaborate and share info they gather about certain themes, we could probably get most of them working in a week or two. But, for one person with more and more RL obligations piling up, it will take a long time to accomplish on my own.