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Flowing Thought V

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Spellicon H.png

Causes your thoughts to race faster, increasing your mana regeneration rate.

See also Flowing Thought I, Flowing Thought II and Flowing Thought III.


This spell is cast by NPCs only.


2 : Increase Mana by 5 per tick
Mana 0 Skill
Casting Time 0.00 Recast Time 0.00
Fizzle Time 2.25 Resist Unresistable
Range Target Type Self
Spell Type Beneficial Duration 3 minutes @L1 to 27 minutes @L9
Cast on You A cool breeze slips through your mind.
Cast on Other Someone looks tranquil.
Wears Off The cool breeze fades.

Items with Spell Effect

  • Essence of Nature
    Essence of Nature
    Item 767.png

    AC: 10
    CHA: +15 INT: +15 HP: +50 MANA: +100
    SV FIRE: +12 SV DISEASE: +12 SV POISON: +12
    Effect: Flowing Thought V
    WT: 2.5 Size: TINY
    Class: NEC WIZ MAG ENC
    Race: ALL