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Former Guilds

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This page contains a list of many of the guilds which were once active on Project 1999, but now no longer exist on the server. For a list of *active* guilds see the Guild List.

An incomplete and subjective attempt to graph P99 Blue's history of guild mergers, breakups, and reorganizations

Former Casual Guild Summary Table

Name Active Times Guild Focus Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
The Circle 8PM EST Casual Guild/Guild Groups/Light Raiding Random on Loot and Need before Greed All Classes 40+ Teamspeak for Raids Kelle, Borguk, Zotspox, Vaklesh, Reynas, Khameleon The Circle Public Forum
Blackheart Pirates Worldwide Casual Raiding All classes/levels (clerics/enchanters/tanks given special preference) Ventrillo Cpt. Aceart Earthbender Forum
Guardians of the Dome late night PST (11PM - 3AM EST) Leveling guild Low-mid to mid levels  ? Kaezyr  ? Forum
Mobwai CST in mornings and evenings to late evenings. Weekends Leveling/gearing All classes and levels Ventrillo available (but not required) Seecup, Adras, Haderak, or Dreklin TBA Forum
Nomsanto Industries  ? Tradeskills Bakers, brewers, foragers, hunters, fisherfolk, brokers, re-sellers and deliveryfolk of all levels and races!  ?  ? None Forum
Savage PST - EST Creating a smaller raid force that is able to take out larger targets with fewer players. All Classes welcome to apply; minimum level requirement is 50+. Team Speak 3 Liznutz, Meatee, Hitomii, Bigtee Forum

Agony's End

Casual guild of old friends. We've been MMO gaming together since 1999.

Inactive as of November, 2010.


  • Machail


Not actively recruiting, but friends are always welcome.

Alliance of Steel

Currently a casual leveling guild. Many members mid 20s to mid 30s. A few 40s.

Appears inactive as of November, 2010.


  •  ?


Recruiting people who are interested in leveling and having fun!

Altered Vision

Altered Vision was a guild reformed from Mithaniel Marr Server from Live. They cleared Fear and Hate as a casual raid guild.

Previously: Altered Vision has been around for a while now recruiting through friends, but with kunark around the corner its time to start some open recruiting. We are a casual raiding guild who are looking to start getting in to the planes once all the poopsocking moves on over to kunark. This means we are looking for people who are still leveling up, and will be ready when kunark rolls out. We will raid 2-3 times a week, and when we raid we expect our members to be focused.


  • Muergan



Formed in April 2011 from ex-Dark Ascension members, including Durison and Nizzar as leaders, after the Fusion (DA+Dozekar) merger failed. Merged with The Mystical Order in the Summer 2011.


  • Durison


  •  ?


Merged into Aftermath Mar 2016


Split into Core and the remainder reformed as Tempest Apr 2018


Appears inactive as of March 2011. Blackwater is a competitive raid guild with a focus on efficient raiding and strategic growth. Our goal is to achieve the pinnacle of end-game content, with the most efficient raid force possible. We are preparing for the future now, where smart raiding is more successful than overwhelming numbers. We are a close group, as active outside raids as we are in. We do ask that applicants show respect to everyone, in-guild and out, and adhere to the Project 1999 Code of Conduct.


  • Stefen - Officer, Bossco - Officer, Xhar - Officer


  • We are actively seeking quality members of all classes level 46+ (forum thread)

Blood and Guts

BaG is a 12 years old french speaking guild without level restriction. We are mostly a bunch of hardcore players who got a life after leaving EQ the first time. Our goal is to raid whatever is possible for us depending on our numbers, during euro times. Recruitment is always open. Viendez !


  • Kiriac Kasstou Mettini Mham


Bregan D`Aerth

Moved to Phinigel May 2016

Blood Guard

Merged into Azure Guard

Casual Dragoons of Norrath

We are a newly formed guild whose goal is to make the world of Norrath a fun environment to be in. The objective of the guild is in the name. We are a casual guild and our objectives are as follows:

  • Please have fun.
  • Respect all guild and non-guild members.
  • Be kind to guild and non-guild members alike.
  • Do not use the guild just to gain something you want.
  • Grouping with guild members and leveling with guild members.
  • Help out guild members in obtaining items they need such as epics or gear if possible.
  • Help out guild and non-guild members to the best of your ability if possible in whatever the task may be.

We have no intentions of being a raiding guild only casual. We like to hop online after a long day of work and maybe level up a little bit or try to obtain some new gear or items we may need or help other people out. We don’t want this to feel like work such as it might be with some raiding guilds. So if that is what you are looking for then Casual Dragoons of Norrath is the guild for you. If you are interested in joining you can contact the leader of the guild or an officer. There will be a few questions you need to answer but nothing to serious and there is no level requirement.

Leader: Rinuvas

Officer: Kwikade

Officer: Bundem

Feel free to contact one of these members if you are interested in joining Casual Dragoons of Norrath. Or send an email to




Split from Awakened/Tempest May 2018. Merged into Riot.

Dark Ascension

A large raiding guild, formerly known as Fish Bait. Formed, 4/20/2010. Merged with Dozekar in March 2011 to become Fusion.


  • Durison - Leader
  • Nizzarr, Heebee, Aadill, Azeth, Appollo, Muse, Yindidar - Officers



Darkwind merged with IB in March, 2011 to become Transatlantic Rampage.

Darkwind is a Europa-based raiding guild on Project 1999, however we don't just accept European players. Darkwind has many players from many different nationalities and countries. Our goal, as a guild, is to explore and conquer all that Everquest and it's expansions have to offer, whilst having fun doing so!


  • Leader: Mady, Uuaellaen
  • Officers: Aleja, Alisa, Apio, Booka, Chowda, Ethalon, Kalasandra, Rumzuck



Merged with Dark Ascension in March 2011 to form Fusion. After Fusion (DA+Doze) split apart, some of the remaining Dozekar joined TR. We don't use vent. We use Guildchat only for raids, and vent ONLY casually. We are small, but get shit done. 15-20 on a night. We raid Hate/Fear/Phinny/Sky on a regular basis. 6-7 days a week. We DO have a batphone. Not required but recommended. (text for raids).

Raiding: We clear Hate/Fear/Phinny/Sky on a nightly basis. We have cleared Isle 1, Isle 2 of Sky. Most recently Protector of Sky downed with 17 players. Our roster has been filling out a bit more as of late, so more sky raids are planned. Gods/dragons will be on the radar in the very near distant future.


  •  ?


  • Dozekar is recruiting, anyone 40+ is welcome to apply. (forum thread)

Electric Space Odyssey

<Electric Space Odyssey> is an *ALL-LEVEL* project 99 player guild and an online gaming community - We are but a group of friends who have come together to form a unique and friendly group of folks from all walks of life who all love socializing and gaming on top of working together to help each other out as much as possible while working as a whole for a common good. The guild was created over a year ago and has a presence on many different game servers including Everquest: Shards of Dalaya, Allods Online, Populous 3: The Beginning and SNES/N64/PSX online and more. We have a small tech-team known as the <ESO> I.T Division and also host our own domain (with our website which is located at, our own VoiP server (teamspeak sign in info is : ADDRESS: / PORT: 9987 / PASSWORD: for in-game voice chat and our own forums for planning groups/raids/etc, posting screenshots and more.


To form a large and efficient all-levels guild experience with the best aspects of both casual and raiding approaches to the game and community. Eventually a 'raid division' will be formed in-guild for those of us who want to set up planned raids within the guild. (this is already possible on our forums, even without any set group - were simply talking when our numbers increase, this way ; the folks who just want casual exp can do what they want while the folks who want to play as a raid guild can do so too, one guild = many possibility's, we are like a family to one another.)


  • Vaettr [aka: Ganjika/Ruthrford on other servers]
  • Officers [American Based Timezones): Sanchezdedirty, Swant, Mancrog, California, Jiema, Akahana, Vitalis, Libberlag
  • Officers (Euro-Based Timezones): Tremere
  • Forum Moderators: Libberlag, Akahana


  • open all-levels recruit - talk to an officer and/or guild leader if interested in joining.

Our website has many resources for all of our guildies, from custom loading screens, forums for group planning and socialization all the way to having project 99' wiki being built directly into the website's front page for all to use.

<ESO> I.T Division The <ESO> I.T Division is our group of techies who keep our domain and servers running smoothly - currently, the I.T Division is searching for folks with extremely good understanding of phpbb3 and/or actionscript 3 - e-mail our tech center at for more info. -

Fashionably Late


Being formed in March of 2012. We are a casual leveling guild for the time being that is sweeping up the current rush of new players being created on 1999. Our goal is to form a cohesive bond of friendship as we level together that will bloom into an organized casual and raiding guild for when the Velious expansion hits the server. We aim is to be a respectable community of close knit comrades as we strive to get to appropriate raiding levels.


  • GL - Archie
  • Officer - Glover
  • Officer - Envino
  • Officer - Salemo
  • Officer - Snoogie


Currently, we have open recruitment for any and all characters to join us in our quest to level and have fun! Feel free to message anyone in the guild that is on and ask for an invite! Please be wary though, as officers monitor the guild chat and zone chat for any behavior unfitting of a respectable player. We will not hesitate to remove individuals who do not respect each other in such an amazing game. For a list of players currently online type "/w all fashion".

Fine Steel Long Swords

This was not ever a raiding guild and should be listed as a casual guild.

A guild formed near the beginning of project 1999 as a joke guild to compete with <Rusty Long Swords>. Some members would soon leave to form <Inglourious Basterds>.


Some Wizard who's name I forget.. Definitely not Zithax

Flawless Victory

A guild whose mortal blow would come at the hands of Ephi and ilk with the rmt bans of Stabbyjoe and Knightt, all while in their ultimate pursuit of the fabled platlord.

Flowers of Happiness

Fate unknown

Forceful Entry



Merged into Aftermath Mar 2016

Full Circle

Founded on May 17, 2012 from the membership of Fashionably Late. We were a large friendly, casual end game raiding guild guild. Full Circle disbanded and merged with Forceful in June of 2013.


  • GL - Kexon
  • Co-Leader - Ramblin
  • Co-Leader - Vianna
  • Officer - Salerno
  • Officer - Hhawk
  • Officer - Snoogie
  • Recruitment Officer - Pillock
  • Recruitment Officer - Mentalbus
  • Recruitment Officer - Negadyen
  • Recruitment Officer - Purdee

The forgotten remains of Full Circle can be found at


Formed as the merger of Dark Ascension and Dozekar in March 2011. Disbanded in April 2011.

Harbringers of Thule

The Harbingers of Thule are an all iksar guild obviously awaiting the opening of Kunark. The story behind the guild is that the iksar believe they are the superior race in Norrath and the Harbingers of the elite militia of Cabilis, chosen by Thule. When someone sees an Iksar with *Harbingers of Thule* by their name, they know they are looking at a specialist in whatever class they may be.


  •  ?



Fate unknown



Inglourious Basterds

Merged into Rampage

Lost Souls

Casual guild for helping new players.

Appears inactive as of November, 2010.


  • Tygerwoody, non active leader.


Anyone who wants to join may join.


Maelstrom was a casual, social, and raiding guild that has existed since 1999. There have been 4 waves of Maelstrom on Blue99, Fierst 3 led by Chellsea, The current active one by Bimbolina 1st coming: merged with Vesica Dei 2 months after server opened 2nd coming: merged with Peace Pipe after one month 3rd coming: November 27th 2011-March 27th 2012; On January 16 Chellsea passed the leadership to Tolsimir; Merged with Acyrid on March 27th. 4th coming: Active, Restarted by Misdreavus, On August 24th, 2012 passed the leadership to Bimbolina, and Misdreavus departed for red99 Chellsea started the guild back in 1999 following an argument between 3 Crimson Banditios high ranking officers; (Gildamere, leader, kept CB alive; Chellsea, officer, left and made Maelstrom; Mermaide, officer, left and made The Golden Phoenix) Misdreavus was a high ranking officer from Maelstrom's short run on RZ before it merged with FoH

Leadership Leader: Bimbolina, Tolsimir, Chellsea officers(of the 3rd coming): Kaisin Antheri Soofjan Farlis Tambourine Wufey Inewen Wonderr Eggsquatch Sanguisuga Enterlooper Nibhaca Ermok Ivah Khellendros Verden Cedarr Taqtiel Lecrant Dimithio Bleugrass Tins Canada Smarty

Mercs of Norrath

Mercs of Norrath is a casual guild with aspirations of raiding in the near future. We were a guild back on Rallos Zek on live in the early years and several of the original members have found their way here and reformed the guild. We are looking primarily for players who want this to be their only guild (mains and alts accepted). We are in open recruitment, and will likely stay that way unless we become hugely popular. If you are interested in knowing more about our guild please contact any of the names listed, or better yet group with us -- our best recruits come from grouping with new people.


  • Gremel
  • Farladar
  • Thudder
  • Areyou
  • Wizzie


Mostly Harmless

An Australian/Oceanic guild, currently gearing up to raid on the GMT+10 time slot.

Judging by the leadership, now seems to be part of DA.


  • Leader - Heebee
  • Officers - Zard, Kray, Skankie


Mostly Harmless are actively recruiting. We never turn away skilled players who aren't wankers. Regardless of how good you are, wankers need not apply.

Paradigm Shift

Merged into Riot


Merged into Awakened Feb 2016


Status: Inactive as of Fall 2010. Active members transitioned mainly to VD or Dozekar (Now Reclamation). Sapientia was a casual raiding guild and during their peak accomplished FGs, plane clears, Maestro and portions of Sky.

Leadership: Flicka and/or Nlaar

Former Members that are active: Braad/Executioner (R), Exeno (R), Zyryn (R), Nlaar (VD), Astuce (AG), Ciandra/Find (VD), Savok/Kovas (AG), Jaileint

Serious Business

Fate unknown

Sylver Gryphon Brotherhood

SGB is the reincarnation of the SGB that was (and still is) on the Bristlebane server of EQlive. Founded shortly after launch in 1999, it remained small but went through a growth spurt from 2002-2004 eventually reaching 700 players and becoming for an extended period the largest guild on the server.

SGB now is as it was then; a family-and-friends casual guild with some amount of raiding. For now, I have listed us in the Casual category because at the time of this writing the majority of us average in the high teens in character levels. We do have a couple of high level officers who have been very instrumental in giving us a boost in getting started. We are comprised of about half old-time SGB members and about half new members. In all but one case that I know of, we are all returning EQ veterans.

In game, our activities are focused right now mainly in Faydwer and Eastern Antonica. Most nights you can find us conspiring to kill orcs in Crushbone, waking the dead in Unrest, or possibly hunting in Oasis. Update 1/29: We've been playing in Kurn's Tower a bit lately.

So, if you have normal real life problems like a job, a wife, a mortgage, kids, etc. and you're not some EverCrack addict who plays every waking hour of the day but would like that "escape time" to join with friends and kill some pixelated bad guys, SGB could be for you!


  • Trustworthiness. Don't waste our time otherwise. We're probably older than your average EQ player and not fooled easily.
  • Selflessness. Joining us with the idea that we're going to twink you is not acceptable. We help those who help themselves and each other.
  • The website. ALL members MUST check the forums routinely and KEEP their characters up to date. Unwillingness to do this is a clear indication of your commitment level to us in game.


  • Blither/Blivver | Deezel/Eyeonetwo | Bukujuju | Sihaya/Ndnd/Terinki | Azmodious/Psaurin/Webeeatiny | Grendehl/Nombulous | Kifr | Grimmwald



Merged into Awakened Feb 2016


Awakened was renamed as Tempest May 2018. Inactive as of Feb 2019.

The Mystical Order

Merged into Forsaken Jun 2015

The Warlords

What we Are

A New Guild with the mission of helping new people to the server. Ideally we are looking to foster strong bonds between players and accomplish objectives and personal goals in a friendly team manner. Doing content as level and organization of members/leaders/officers dictates. But that will be determined by the members and officers of the guild. This will not be a one man show, its much more a democracy.

Who we Want

People who enjoy the social aspects of the game and enjoy helping others and working together to achieve goals.

Who we don't want

Those who are all about self and merely looking for what the guild can do for them.

To get a listing of The Warlords Members currently online, enter /who all "The Warlords"

Recruiters Rahlae Nepenthe Goldii Howling Gumdrops



Raiding guild. inactive (as of Oct, 2010). Reformed as Taken sometime after Kunark launch.


  • Supreme


Recruiting 50+

Vesica Dei

Vesica Dei started out as a casual raiding guild in the first few months of the server. Vesica Dei had 3 different leadership changes in its lifetime. (1)Vexx originally formed the guild but was soon incarcerated for 30 days lol and (2)Canasee was given the reigns and the duty of expanding the guilds ranks at which time Maelstrom was absorbed. Canasee retired shortly after and Vexx resumed leadership. During its building stages Vesica Dei absorbed a few more guilds and then went on to become an active raiding guild on the Project1999 server that raided all content in Classic. Vexx was retired just as Kunark opened and (3)Coldblooded became the leader of Vesica Dei. In this era, the guild, with some newly formed alliances continued to raid all content of Kunark. They had some noteable raids! including a paladin server first epic. Unfortunately the guild began to waver midway through Kunark and some of its members joined other guilds but Vesica Dei is said to have officially merged with <Bregan D`Aerth>.

Leadership: Vexx / Canasee / Coldblooded / Senaiel / Miley / Teeroy / Acillatem / Yendor / Barfight / Lilyanna [insert missing officers here] A special thanks to Truheart and Destruction for creating and maintaining the guild website and forums that Vesica Dei used during their time on Project 1999.

Wrathful Inquisition

Wrathful Inquisition is looking for players who are serious about raiding and building the best characters possible.

Disbanded September, 2010.


  • Leader: Bumamgar
  • Officers: Auena