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Giants are massive, bipedal monsters which strongly resemble overweight Humans, but are considered separate peoples. Giants are found throughout the continents of Antonica (where most drop large amounts of coin and Fine Steel Weapons), Kunark, and Velious. Most (all?) giants are unstunnable.


Giants are the creation of the Warlord, Rallos Zek to serve as soldiers alongside Ogres in his massive extraplanar army. It is implied that the Giants were created former to Ogres and that Ogres were a perfection of this form.

Long ago, Rallos and his army attacked the Council of Rathe in his bid to dominate the Plane of Earth. The Council defeated them, however, and as punishment cursed many of his races to severely reduced intelligence. This is why giants and ogres cannot progress their civilizations beyond the level of crude stone houses and tents. The frost giants and storm giants of Velious were not affected by this curse.


These are the locations of hill and sand giants. For other giants, see the links below.

Rathe Mountains

Eastern Plains of Karana

Northern Plains of Karana

Western Plains of Karana

West Commonlands

Northern Desert of Ro

Southern Desert of Ro

Oasis of Marr

Ocean of Tears

Various other zones

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