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Giz X`Tin

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Giz X`Tin
Giz X`Tin
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Rogue
Level: 50
Zone: Kithicor Forest
Location: (1199, 1340)

AC: 344
HP: 8000 (6)
Damage per hit: 54 - 140, 420 backstab
Attacks per round: 2 (100%)
Special: See Hide


In return for Faelin`s Ring he gives you the Dark Metal Coin. A Teir`Dal Reaver will spawn when you hand in the ring. Be prepared to run.

He is likely a 4 hour spawn.

09/01/14: Tracked him to be standing on 1310, 1251 at 10pm game time for a few seconds then proceeds to walk north east and stands at 1461, 1096 for a few seconds and then proceeds to walk east. Presumably continues to do this in a circular fashion.

05/18/19: Found him at about 1310, 1251 at 10am.

Upon handing in the ring: "Giz X`Tin flips you a coin after he recognizes the ring. 'It seems we have a mutual 'acquaintance.' The coin repays an old debt. You don't have to worry about what that is. Luckily, Lord Innoruuk has informed me of your coming and your desires. Fortunately, I have all the answers you require right here at the end of my friend's blade. I think I'll be paying my old 'friend' a visit."

Known Loot

  • None


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Opposing Factions

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