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Gnoll Scalp Collecting

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Captain Orben
Start Zone: Highpass Hold
Quest Giver: Captain Orben
Minimum Level: 11
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: gnolls



Note: You must have dubious or better faction with Captain Orben or he will not accept it. You'll see the message:
Captain Orben says, 'I will not aid beings such as you.'

Captain Orben is found around the northern guard lookout/arch/bridge area, near the zoneline with Eastern Plains of Karana. He's often surrounded by gnolls.

Captain Orben collects Gnoll Scalps. He will give you some coins from 4sp up to 1pp and experience. You will raise faction with these groups:

You gain experience!!

You may turn in up to four at once.

This is a great way to improve faction with the shadier groups without losing any with the good groups.


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