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Golden Rooster

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The Golden Rooster
The Golden Rooster, Poker Painting
The Golden Rooster, seating area

Located at the doorstep of Highhold Keep, the Golden Rooster serves as an extension of the gambling, smuggling, and other shadowed business of the human corruption. Home to a number of shady characters, the King's Court casino is housed on the first level of the building. Carson McCabe's men can usually be found here when they are beyond the walls of the keep.

City: Highpass Hold
NPCs: Wres Corber, Vranol Blackguard, Prak, Crenn Salbet, Kaden Gron, Breck Damison, Lyla Whistlewood, Cytodl Krish, Marlin Shirtov, Malik Zaren
Tradeskill Facilities: --
Related Quests: Rogue Errands, Messages For Neriak, Zimel's Blades (SoulFire), The Waylaid Courier
Notable Drinks: --

Some Carson McCabe loyalists hang out here and will often do work as hand of McCabe. Men such as Prak work undercover to have a better eye on the outer rim of the keep. They are able to sneek out moles such as Guard Stald.

The inn has a number of frequent guests. There are mixed stories and rumors about these people, such as this account of an attack by Kalden Gron.

Cytodl Krish, hand of Neriak, is another guest at the inn. Occasionally he will send word to Noxhil V`Sek, if asked. However, he is also keeping the room warm for Sir Edwin Motte, on vacation from Freeport.

In another room, Marlin Shirtov eagerly awaits the conjural visit of his lover mistress Anna. They are said to meet daily "at 9 in 6" until Anna is "finished mourning her ex-lover." However, poor Shirtov has had the wool pulled over his eyes, as Mistress Anna is known as the "Highpass hussy" and is even rumored to be seeing Carson McCabe. By night a romantic, by day Shirtov is a locksmith. He fashioned a key specially for the shackles of Princess Lenya Thex of Qeynos, held deep in Highkeep.

A courier from Erudin is also staying at the inn and will not leave alive. The Heretics have a mark out on his head, as they believe him to be carrying some valuable information regarding the Erudin High Council.

Poker Painting

With a name like the Golden Rooster, surely you know what to expect to be sitting around the poker table in this one. Sure enough, three golden cocks. Admittedly, the details of this particular Poker Painting are somewhat more difficult to make out than most others. Still, though, you can make out the roosters.