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Green Guilds

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Below is a summary list of Green guilds and alliances. See the Guilds page for more information about guilds in general, including suggestions on selecting a guild and information about how to edit this page.


Green Casual Guilds

Name Play times Rules/Ideals Recruiting Voice Chat Contact(s) Forum Link Guild ID
Pals 24/7 - we welcome everyone no matter origin! We are a casual guild that will raid whatever we can. We're not going to batphone or poopsock. We're going to take our time and enjoy the company of our guildmates and playing the game. We're all adults, so we keep it clean-ish (no 4chan stuff). We also do not tolerate any sort of activities that make the game purposefully unFun for others. Discord Contact any member in game. Most are able to invite. ?
Ancient Blood 24/7 Ancient Blood exists for one purpose: to serve the Empire and prepare the Iksar for their destiny. We are ready to stand as a home to all Iksar, and as such our membership is comprised of returning players, new players, people with who play regularly on Blue or Green who are trying out new things, veterans looking to level and gear up to raid, very casual players just looking to explore and check out new things, and everyone in between. Guild membership is open to any Iksar in good standing. Simply contact any member and ask if there is an officer for an invite. You must drop /anon or /roleplay before the invite is sent. Discord Contact any member in game to request officers or guild leader (Carn). 165
Castle 24/7 We are a fun & helpful guild that seeks to be a home for adventurers who are looking for a solid group or conversation. The drawbridge is always down and portcullis raised to the sojourner who is ready to join us on our next sortie into adventure! The garrison has room for *dagger wielders & Epic triumphants alike. Discord+ Maester ravens+ Beacon fires. (Leader)Oilexander, guild founder, and Potatus, Green guild leader. (Officers) Aelu, Baji, Edawyn, Hopkins, Portaa, Portles, Shapleigh, Toald, Togmuk, Voda, Elenah, Lothir, Daltarious, Gratefuldead, and Girlfriends. Forum
Detached US Based Guild with members playing at all times. Detached, originally founded in 1999 as an EverQuest guild and moving to World of Warcraft in 2004. Detached was formed by a close group of friends. Currently Detached is a casual Guild looking for like-minded players looking for a fun gaming experience. We work on providing an open and fun experience with weekly events. All players new and old for leveling and all around good times. Discord Drayc, Nucifera/Zephika, Fitz, Bumwise, Vizigoth, Gwarria, Scrowty, Plants, Devook, Troubador, Dozi Forum
Dial a Port DAP-Porting guild 2
Dusk till Dawn SEA / Euro / Off Peak Dusk till Dawn is a new SEA/Euro off-peak guild. We welcome all European and South East Asia players on the p99 green server. We are recruiting players of all levels and classes. If you play during the "off-peak" times, we just might be the guild for you. Discord Jerricoe, Willowyjack, Mondrose, Maxxi, Crron 252
Dynasty US Dynasty is a Family friendly, casual raiding guild meant for the working man/woman. We raid the planes once a week and are leveling alts so exp groups are always available. This guild has merged with <Kingdom>. See you over there! Melees, Clerics Discord Leader: Gearfried. Officers: Maavy, Faewyndyl, Sabap, Wenlee, Morti, Whisperingdove, Yusidor 110
Euroquest EU timezone Friendly and ever helpful members, active Discord All levels Discord Biblotte/Snosan/Fyddo/Tugman/Bakan
Freya's Chariot 24/7 We are a friendly home for all members, including those who may not fit the "typical gamer" profile. We are folks of all races, religions, genders, and orientations who enjoy a diverse, inclusive guild. All classes and levels are welcome along with diversity of all sorts. Over half our officers/leaders are women or non-binary. Discord Taldio, Krystyl, Kryg
Here There Be Monsters (PST)

Tue 6-9pm

Sun 3-6pm
This is the official guild of the HereThereBeMonsters variety gaming community. We organize multiple groups that meet up on a weekly basis and we stream gameplay on Tuesday nights at 6pm PST and Sunday afternoons at 3pm PST. All classes and levels are welcome! The active weekly groups are in the mid 30s on Tuesdays and the low 40s on Sundays. Discord Nitado (Leader), Ohrian (Officer), Aanorilon (Officer), Lazzary (Officer)
Hospice 24/7, varies Support-focused guild mainly dedicated to getting Rezzes delivered to those hard to reach areas. Discord Amaryllis, Vurnon, Daiquri, Absolus Forum
IMMORTAL OUTLAWZ 24/7 365 Cut from a different cloth, Immortal Outlawz (RP-PVP) have handed in their book of discord and walk the path less traveled. We welcome new gladiators in the games and tournaments to come. Strength & Honor ALL LEVELS - NO BUSTAZ ALLOWED TBA Makkaveli, Qadaffii, Mussolini, Castro [TBA Forum] TBD
Misunderstood EST/PST afternoon and evening RP-PvP (Roleplay - Player Versus Player) oriented guild for casual audiences that wish to add an immersive element to their experience. Evil-based races and/or Evil deity-aligned followers (or Agnostic) flagged Red for PvP only, with use of /roleplay optional. N/A Darious (Guild Leader) Forum
No Time To Rez 24/7 For players seeking a new challege, come join us in P99's premiere PERMADEATH Guild All levels Discord Fevr/Dalendar Forum
Nostalgia 24/7 Most members have left to join <Fires of Heaven> or <Dynasty> Anyone looking for a good time =) Discord Keletha/Goedel/Thaetreis/Felwitha/Xplodey/Keimo/Thymes/Azile
Pantheon or Bust 24/7 Group of players waiting for Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen to come out. We will then establish a guild in the Pantheon game. Join us in game once Green is launched and visit our discord page Discord Qode Longhammer (Guild Leader) Forum
Sanctuary 24/7 Casual guild, Everyone is welcome. This has disbanded and only a few members stayed behind. All levels and classes Discord Lead Officers: Andain, Awran
Officers: Aaidien, Amyas, Bumfoot, Cerendipity, Desmondeo, Dono, Grumblepot, Hiphoptimus, Talerith
Scenic Route 24/7 Super Casual guild... only rule is we don't twink in this guild. Go earn your gear through battle, questing and tradeskills. All levels and classes Doaks (Guild Leader)
The Galt Heretics All day, all Long Small, yet elite crew of Semi-neck beards, focusing on building a core set of characters to dominate some typically challenging mobs. We're like fight club, recruiting is a mystery DiscordApp Baxsor Bombnuggs (Guild Leader), Kilbur Bombnuggs (Co-Leader), Hashman (Senior Officer), Danknodge (Senior Officer), Jefu (Senior Officer), Bainne (Senior Officer), Shynkicker (Junior Officer)
The Long Patrol Nights / Weekends We are a casual role-playing guild where 'game immersion' is strongly encouraged. We are just a merry band on a quest for some loot, and fellow adventurers. Discord Ascienso (Guild Leader), Gonff (Senior Officer)
The Lost Age A guild completely lost and locked in this time era! Friendly and casual guild for any quester, crafter, adventurer! Recruiting all who seek the glory of the ages! roleplayers, questers, crafters, and people seeking a pure everquest experience Discord Bordor, Thalistair, or Trihardah Forum
The Drift Mostly US, looking for more Euros Casual chilling guild that likes to achieve things, we all are pigs, join The Drift, oink! Dany (Guild Leader), Rampagious

Environment Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Auld Lang Syne 24/7 Level 30 maximum to join Discord Rainik (Guild Leader), Ainton, Gnaryl, Koet, Ulgromm, Valeris Forum 03
Scenic Route 24/7 Anyone can join Doaks (Guild Leader)

Raid Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Fires of Heaven Saturday/Sunday with occasional weekdays. DKP Levels 40+ Alyndrae, Cindora, Ladyport, Mecoes, Minlar, Prettyevil, Ezeakiell, Gremmy, Kaldak, Mistressluna, Porgee, Zark Website 49
Gathered Might Tue/Thursday/Sunday Raid times 7:30-11:30 Est. Plus dragon windows DKP All friendly players, for socialize, leveling, grouping, and raiding. Discord Vineslier(Heeheehee,Belll,Resilak,Tenchi,Porets), Dhax(Nhives,Dhaax,Trax), Adelwulf, Etarak(Smokke), Juiblex(Oblito), Belzak, Crackle, and Tipzz(Standby) Website 134

Top Content Raid Guilds

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Good Guys 24/7 DKP Anyone looking for a social experience with raiding when able. No raiding requirements or dues so show up when real life allows! Discord Eustis, Delrake, Faerie, Atouk, Dwarlis, Darnol, Bronwyne, Khave, Braddles. (Recruitment) Naexus, Ignes, Xiralc (Org Chart) Website 294
Kingdom 24/7 DKP 46+ and Looking to Raid! Discord Slamtastic / Stabtastic, Balor / Pacatus, Infedel / Pygal, Zegzag, Larceni, Cothatanii, Sychotica Website Forum 08
Safe Space 24/7 DKP "Nice" People Discord Shinko, Petyrr, Xurukk, Raolador, Savasan, Shikanak, Londo, Boardingpass Website 4