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Grub n Grog Tavern

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Grub N Grog Tavern
Grub N Grog Taver

Easily missed by those in a hurry, Grub n Grog Tavern is tucked in a crevis near the south gate in East Freeport, adjacent to the Inn. Between the aging shingles and the green paint sprawled on some driftwood passing as a name-plate, it's not easy on the eyes. It may very well have been made to be easily overlooked on purpose, as inside you'll find it's filled with off-duty Freeport Militia.

It's quite a different atmosphere in here, and I'm not referring to the lingering stench in the air. There doesn't seem to be any enforcement in place to keep patrons off of the table tops, and the presence of the corrupt Militia men makes things tense.

Although the menu posted on the wall lists only Ale, an inquisitive drunkard will find Freeport Stout on tap, a brew unique to this location.

City: East Freeport
NPCs: Fabian, Runthar, Guard Drake, Guard Bittmin, Guard Nlool, Winda Lylil, Jaleel Hoglomp
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Freeport Stout

Poker Painting

Of all the Poker Paintings, this is one of the strangest. It's difficult to make out what kind of creatures (or items?) are gathered around this table, other than what appears to be a purple bottle. Could there also be a load of bread, and perhaps a frothy stein? Those items certainly would live up to the name.

Grub N Grog Tavern